Bold in Gold Nail Art

Hi Fellas, finally the OMD challenge is over and I am exhausted! . Now, no prompts and themes for few days , I will do the themes I feel like :).

After the challenge , I kept my nails bare for few days. And if keep my nails bare for long (read more than 1 day), I develop strong urge to paint them bright and lots of ideas (read zillion) keep hitting my mind :P. The longer the bare period is, the more hungry I am for nail art and inclined towards painting my nails even more bright.

Bold in Gold Nail Art

So something similar happened, and I ended up getting these bright nailart :). I am not found wearing sharp contrasts and dark colors on nails since I have to carry the same to work. And I already draw enough attention (both wanted and unwanted) in office. But I still took this as an exception and plunged for black and gold.

Bold in Gold Nail Art

The time taken to do the nail art and the gorgeous final results are disproportionate. I mean there is very little you can do when Black and Gold are at play together.

Bold in Gold Nail Art

I really needed something easy and dramatic on my nails. And this nail art did not let me down at all. Black and Gold are very safe combination and will always throw festivity around when roped together.

I painted my nails Black with Tip Top Black Forest, one of the most gorgeous blacks I have known. For accent nails I used brilliant Maybelline Glitter Mania ‘All That Glitters’ , its a textured gold polish. The most sophisticated and trendy gold I have seen.

Bold in Gold Nail Art

Moyou Fairy Tale 13 Stamping

For the intricate heena kinna print, I used Moyou Fairy tale stamping Plate 13 finally. I got them through a friend travelling to London, ya the same friend who got me Models Own and Seche Vite :), my polish friend Manisha. I used Maybelline Bold Gold for stamping and they stamp even better than Konads.

Bold in Gold Nail art

And with so many good things (read polishes and plates) put together, the outcome had to be charming. And here it is.

Bold in Gold Nail Art

I hope you love the nail art as much I and my other friends did. The design reminds of traditional Banarasi Saree. These are perfect to compliment any tradiional Indian attire or trendy western.I got lots of appreciation for them at work. What do you say guys?


  1. Angelique says:

    This one is beautiful too. I am not having much luck with stamping but seeing what you have done I think I’m going to take my stamping stuff out and practice practice practice. Keep up the beautiful and inspiring nail art.

    • Setu Rohini says:

      Hi Angelique, dont get disheartened dear. If you wanna feel high, see my previous posts when few months back I started stamping…they are to laught at!! Slowly with time, it will come. I am still not great at it but I am getting it. Whats the prob you are facing? Let me know, I will try to help.

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