My First Ikat Nail Art

Hi Friends, I have tried something new today and I am eager to share with you 🙂 . It’s the 13th Day for OMD Challenge and the theme is IKAT. Ya, I know I am a day late. But I have been very busy to post. Also I was not keeping well :(.

Colorful Ikat Nail Art

Nonetheless, I was very excited to the see the theme Ikat because I had never tried it. I was very excited to try it out. Initially, I had thought I will participate every day. I was all charged up. And I was pushing myself mercilessly everyday.

Colorful Ikat Nail Art

Eventually, I got very exhausted and I am doing as much as I am comfortable with. And I am happy with my Ikat nails. This is my first attempt and I messed up two fingers the first time. But then I quickly re-did them and now I am pleased.

Colorful Ikat Nail Art

The color combination is inspired by my Mom’s Dupatta (Shawl), bright pink and yellow. As pretty and colorful as my mom herself :).

Colorful Ikat Nail Art

I think the white base also gave it a nice contrast. The first time I did two nails , it failed. I was utterly disappointed in them. I was thinking why did I at all think that I would succeed in Ikat??

Colorful Ikat Nail Art

But my mom n hubby kept on appreciating it and I did a second attempt.I am glad I didn’t giveup :).

Let me know your thoughts on my Ikat 🙂


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