Pink and Glitter Nail Art

Hi Friends, today is the 10th Day of OMD Challenge and the theme is “FAVORITE POLISH”. Now I am really unsure what my favorite polish is. It keeps on changing from time to time. Basically,  what I have understood is I am gaga over all new polishes. Especially, if I don’t have it in my stash.

I am crazy and drooling over all polishes I don’t have and could possibly never have. And all my new untried polishes automatically feature on my top list. So, today’s nail art is about my two favorite polishes.

 Pink and Glitter Nail Art

Obviously, both are new polishes that I have not tried yet. One of the polish is Models Own Hyper Gel Pink Veneer. I can’t tell you if I have seen a prettier pink. Its an awesome bottle full of pink sweetness.

Pink and Glitter Nail Art

I used a topper of another Indie favorite of  mine. It is Girly Bits ‘Spring it on Me’. It is a lovely pink, green , white and silver glitter packed in very pale pink base polish. I am not sure if it would show on itself if applied without base. Maybe I will try it later.

Pink and Glitter Nail Art 4

For now, I just topped over my pink Veneer. And used some round and tear shaped rhinestone in pink to further beautify the effect. I have taken an attempt to keep everything pink about this  nail art. Even at the cost of pink overdose.

Pink and Glitter Nail Art

I am really not sure how they look. You would be a better judge. Leave your comments to let me know how they are.

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