Pacific Blue with Gold Nail Art

Hi Fellas, the theme for today OMD Challenge is “DARK”, I actually wanted to do a very dark base nail art today. But then Sally Hansen Pacific Blue caught my fancy. I usually am more comfortable with light colors, so even this color is quite dark for me.

Also, I wear nail art to office, so I avoid it being very flashy or noticeable. Still I had a darker color/base in mind but settled with this, which is reasonably dark. There is a lot of rave about Sally Hansen Pacific Blue’s formula being changed. The entire blogosphere is raging. Instagram is full of #savepacificblue and I thought this was best time for me to flaunt mine :).

Pacific Blue with Gold Nail Art

It was an extremely quick nail art I did to match a dress I wearing. It was bright orange and dark blue with golden thread work. And I can’t tell you how well these nails blended and complimented with my dress.I took fairly 15-18 minutes from polish application to stamping. Pheww!! it was like hell quick.And possibly that’s the reason it did not come out perfect. Yes, it’s not one of neatest work but its pretty.

Pacific Blue with Gold Nail Art

I used SallyHansen Pacific Blue for base and Bundle Monster CYO plate for stamping. I am so glad that Bold Gold from Maybelline Colorshow stamps even better than Konads.The stamping here is done with Bold Gold.

Pacific Blue with Gold Nail Art

I used some golden studs bought from Buy In Coins. They made the nail art look more festive and vibrant :). To stick it I used a nail art glue. It really helps the studs to stick around for very long.

Pacific Blue with Gold Nail Art

The theme next day is “DuoChrome”, I think, and I don’t own a single duochome 🙁 🙁 :(. I am really not sure how to participate, lets see if any idea clicks :). See you around guys, don’t forget to comment and let me know your feedback on my work 🙂


  1. Priyam Shefalika says:

    Its beautyyyyyyyyyyyful…..nw this 1 comes under 1 of my fav nail art that u hd done…looks so classic….gud job setu di..:)

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