Bright Hearts on a Tree Nail Art

Hi Girls, today is the 4th day of the OMD2 challenge and the theme is ‘Bright‘. After thinking a lot, I am sharing an easy, fun and bright nail art with you. It is perfect for summers and is very doable.

Bright Hearts on aTree Nail Art

The nail art design has been inspired by Rina Alcantara- Planted Hearts. I am huge fan of her nail arts. They are gorgeous, free hand and yet very simplified nail arts. She does equally awesome nail art on both hands.

Bright Hearts on aTree Nail Art

I have used NYX pastel Yellow which is another bright and happy color. The nail art may not be a very intrinsic or complex one, but it is lovely by all parameters. This is how I did this nail with toothpick, a fine brush and acrylic paints.

Bright Hearts on aTree Nail Art

I am happy with how it turned out and thanks to Rina for the inspiration. The NYX pastel Yellow brought out the best of the design and gave a good contrast.

Bright Hearts on aTree Nail Art

It is one of those nail art which cheer youn up every time you look at it. I got lots of compliment for this nail art :). And that added more to my cheerfulness.

Bright Hearts on aTree Nail Art

It took like 10 minutes to finish nail art, top coat included. Its a great feeling when you get more returns than what you invested, isn’t it??

How did you find this nail art? Did it cheer you up too?


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