NYX Salon Formula Lacquer Pastel Yellow Review and Swatch

Hi Friends, I am gonna review an old but hit polish today. I have had NYX Pastel Yellow for 6 months and have used it in multiple nail arts. I had been looking for a softer yellow for very long and I saw this on stand in Beauty Centre.

Product Claim : One coat of this pro-favorite polish is all it takes to transform your hands from ho-hum to haute stuff. With so many brilliant, on-trend colors and 10 nail treatments, our Salon Formula system makes it easy to get sexy, salon-quality manis and pedis…without ever leaving home.

NYX Salon Formula Lacquer Pastel Yellow Review

Price and Quantity : Rs 350 for 15 ml (I got it at 50% off from Beauty Centre)

NYX Salon Formula Lacquer Pastel Yellow Review

Color : The color is as the name says “Pastel Yellow”. However, had I not seen the bottle I would have expected a softer yellow. This is not a bright sunshine yellow but it is not very soft pastel either. It is somewhere in between. It is a beautiful color no doubt, inspite of being yellow this color manages to be mellow.It is not loud by any measure, so we are good here. I didnot have a similar yellow in my stash so this color was more than welcome. I use it very often in my nail arts as compared to the sunshine yellows which I am hesitant to wear at work.

NYX Salon Formula Lacquer Pastel Yellow Review

Formula and Finish: It is cream based polish, no shimmers or glitters. It dries upto a shiny finish. I am really happy with the formula. The application is very smooth and no streaks. One coat gives opacity, but I prefer two to cover up any misses and reflect the real color. I find it as a very good base for nail art.The staying is also quite good, I went chip free for 6 days.All the pictures are without top coat, as I do for my polish reviews.

NYX Salon Formula Lacquer Pastel Yellow Review

NYX Salon Formula Lacquer Pastel Yellow Review

Overall Rating : 5/5 . If I had to buy thisd at Rs 350 which is the MRP, I may have taken a pass. But at the price I got it for, it was a no brainer to pick one. If you are looking for a light and soft yellow, long staying polish and Rs 350 isn’t a pinch, please go for this 🙂

PS : The watermark you are seeing for “The NailArt and Beauty Diaries” was my old blog before I moved to this self hosted one. The pictures are mine 😛


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