Inspired by My Friends Dress Nail Art

Hi Polish Lovers, I am very excited to share my nail art today. It falls under the category of nail art which came out very similar or may be better than what I conceived in my mind :).This nail art gives me the joy of turning one of my gazillion nail art designs floating in my mind to reality :). Really,I am always bubbling (read overloaded) with ideas and inspiration on nailarts. Practically every tiny thing in and around me gives me cues about designs and color combinations on nail art. So when I actually sit to do nail art, I have zillion thoughts, ideas, inspirations, color combinations rushing in my mind. I some how manage to pick one and get it on my nails, upsetting all the others .

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art

So, the inspiration behind this nail art is a dress, my colleague Neha wore last month or so (Yes, thats the minimum gap a nail art idea takes to be converted to reality!! ). It was a beautiful and simple summer print and I just wanted to dip my nails in it :). I clicked a picture and decided to a nail art inspired out of it. Incidently she sits just next to me at work, so the design was in my eye zone the entire day, making it difficult to ignore or forget. And here I am , finally!!.

Here is the glimpse of the dress print.

My Friends Dress

The Dress Print that Inspired me 🙂

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art

Anyways, this is an entirely free hand nail art. I used Maybelline Colorshow Mint Mojito as a base. I painted a vertical strip with Mayeblline ColorShow Coral Craze, from the polish brush itself. I used a striping brush (for the first time maybe) to draw vertical lines around the coral strip using Maybelline ColorShow Porcelin White. This is the first time I correctly used the striping brush and I am so happy to learn that even I can draw straight lines. In past, I never attempted straight line designs because I suck at striping tapes and straight line with striping brush was outside my area of expertise.

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art

I think I did pretty well with lines even on my right hand (sorry, just needed some self praise :P). For the flowers I used white acrylic paints. To get the real petal kinna effect I used some fine orange lines on the petals. They really helped in getting the image look more floral and bright. I was very confused on what should be the centre of the flower. The centre really contributes to how natural and real the flower looks.

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art

I wanted to add rhinestones. But my hubby was against it. He was saying it will be too flasy. So I thought may be a dot of gloden color but then suddenly I had a better idea. I have recently got brilliant colored hexes. I decided to use them in the centre. My hubby chose the green color sayiing it will compliment the background more. I am not sure if I would have otherwise picked it. But I liked the effect, really. I am not sure how well have those hexes been captured in the pictures. But atleast I am able to see it and appreciate it :).

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art Loose Glitter Pack

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art Loose Glitter

I hope you like my nail art. One thing I learnt is to be inspired and awake. I have been doing most of nail arts inspired by what nail art champs have done in past, or the design stamping plate allowed or for a challenge. But to do design inspired from something totally unrelated around you, is real art. I promise I am gonna be doing more of such nail arts which captures the landscape of real world on my nails.

Inspired by my Friends Dress Nail Art

Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts on inspiration, did you feel rejuvinated after turning an inspiration to reality? I feel empowered to be able to get all what my eyes find beautiful on my nails :). Its an unparallel joy.


  1. Angelique says:

    Hi Setu
    First I have to say I am new to your blog and very new to doing nail art but I have to tell you your nail art is fabulous and inspires me. Second thing is there any way that you can do a step by step video of this design? I am in looooooooove love love with it. I try to keep my designs on for at least a week but…..I have to copy this design. I don’t know why but it just makes me HAPPY. thank you and keep on giving us beauty for the nails.

    • Setu Rohini says:

      Hi Angelique, Thanks a lot dear for all your lovely words. You made my day :). Welcome to the mesmerising world of nail art, I am sure you will enjoy here :).
      I do not do videos Angelique, but what I can do for you is do a step by step pictorial of this nail art. That will be clear enough for you to understand. If there is still something you don’t get, feel free to get in touch with me, I would be happy to help 🙂

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