Mermaid Nails

Hi All, I am not going to be a story teller today because I am sharing this nail art half heartedly 🙁 . I was so very tired mentally and physically when I did this nail art. No wonder it didn’t come out well 🙁

Mermaid Nail Art

I started off well and in the beginning it seemed like I will have something satisfactory to show. To begin with I used Maybelline Color show ‘Miss You Blue’ on all my nails. I was planning to give a metallic look to my nails , so I used metallic blue for sea water. Also I needed to capture the waves subtly so I decided to do a silver (again metallic) gradient for shiny surfs. The silver was not starkly visible though 🙁 . I used Sally Hansen Disco Light to get some glitters on sliver gradient part for bling and it came very pretty. It was like a frosted look. But somehow the look drifted away from sea and surfs 🙁

Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art

This section is where I lost hope even further. I tried stamping the mermaid with white first, it was too light. I wiped off entire thing. I wanted the mermaid to be colorful so, I re-applied polish+gradient and stamped with Red, looked ugly so took off. Again, I re-applied polish+gradient and stamped with Orange and it looked disaster. Finally I stamped using black and it was tolerable. By this time I was pissed, tired and hopeless. I used Cheeky Beauty Plate Princess Charming for mermaid btw.


I top coated other nails with Sinful Color glitter polish ‘I miss you’ and a local brand white matte glitter. I chose white glitter because it looked like subtle bubbles on blue.

Mermaid Nail Art

Anyways, whatever I thought in my mind definitely didn’t come out. So here I am , please be kind and still leave some love and comments helping me to survive till next nail art 🙂



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