Lazy Day on Beach Nail Art

Hi Polish Lovers, I am drenched in colors and beaches and ice-creams this summer (not literally but true for my nails). Yup, and thats the reason my nails are turning yellow 🙁 :(. So I thought why turn someone else’s nails yellow this time 😛 😛 . Just kidding!!

I had been wanting to do some beach and sand nails for a while (along with the other untried gazzilion nailarts I had been aiming to do for ages 😛 ). One of my friends at work, was constantly amazed by my nail arts and had been wanting me to use my magic wand (read brushes and plates 😛 ) on her nals :). She also grew her nails longer this time. So I felt the urge to just throw some lovely nail art on her nude nails and one day I invited her for a nail art.

A Day At Beach Nail Art

The rest of the kitty party and fun that followed needs to explanation 🙂 .Anyhow, she was excited to see my plates and was pointing out various images from different plates like a lost child in candy shop 😛 😛 . So, coherently we put images picked up together to get a beach theme nail art. I am not sure how sucessful we were, its for you guys to decide.

A Day At Beach Nail Art

She was most excited to get the umbrella on her nails for some reason, and it was so much falling in place with the theme, so I blessed her thumb with it 😛 😛 . Who can anyways imagine a beach without some sand , footprints, lying slippers and palm trees (and cocktails ofcourse :P)??

A Day At Beach Nail Art

I wanted to depict sand and water of the beach for sure. So here is a breif tutorial of what I did :

  • Painted nails with a very light orche yellow/nude using Envy Laminate.
  • I sponged the nails with ColorShow Shocking Seas to get the sea effect.
  • I used Konad Spl polish and Bundle Monster Plate 309 for slippers, Bundle Monster Plate 315 for palms & Cheeky Plate Home Sweet Home for Umbrella for stamping images on my nails.
  • My lovely beach still missed some bling 😛 . I needed to the sea water to sparkle and the sand to glitter. So I took help of sme loose glitters (Blue and Golden Glitter). I brushed the nails with a top coat so that I could give a medium for the glitters to stick. I picked up glitters with a wax pencil and placed them gently on nails.
  • Finally, when I was kinna satisfied with my work and the polish had dried, I sealed it with a Seche Vite Top Coat. 🙂

A Day At Beach Nail Art

My friend was very happy with the nail art so I was statisfied completely. Usually I feel a lot of pressure when I am doing some one else’s nails but my friend said that I could try any thing on her nails , even if its a mess. I think that helped a lot and allowed me to think.

A Day At Beach Nail Art

I really can’t do nails with lots of instructions and restriction. It blocks my creativity and imagination completly. Do you guys also feel the same? Does the nail art takes your mind off to beach, shacks and shots 😛 ? Please share your comments and thoughts on this nail art.


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