Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

This is one of the very few nail arts that came out the way I had imagined it. If I have decided what I want on my nails, half my job is done because I spend like hours sitting in front of my dressing table and gazing at colors and tools. I spend hours to finalize which polish, method, tool, accessory and technique to use; so by the time I am actually “On” the task of doing nailart I am exhausted and it’s already 9pm 🙁 :(.

 Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

This was a rare time when I saw one of tops lying on bed which I fondly wear for with my pink shorts as summer dress (read round the year in Mumbai)  and decided this is what I want on my nails!!

The pink shorts I am mentioning is my fav and a relief when I can’t think of what to wear (which is most of the times). Since Mumbai is not cold any time, I practically wear it anytime and every time, I want my dress to be comforting and least bothering. I am just attaching my flowy silk top in the post for you judge if I was successful in capturing it 😛 . I am not attaching the pink short because its soaked for washing past 3 days 😛

My favourite Summer Top

Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

And nature supported me, I just could take out the right colors, technique and plates to help me get them 🙂 🙂 (Such a divine feeling). I really love the top since its brings traditional prints to my dressing. Its really a great mix of western and Indian. So did my nail art turn out to be.

Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

Tutorial :

  • I painted all nails with Tip Top Angel Sherbet to begin with.
  • Then, I took some Colorbar Blue polish, Revlon Purple and Tip Top Angel Sherbet and sponged on the tips of my nails except small and fore finger.
  • On all the sponged nails, I brushed a coat of Sally hansen Disco Balls. This is a fine glitter polish I added to get some bling. I purposely did this before stamping because images would go hazy if I used it over stamped images.
  • Using Black Konad Special Polish and Moyou Stamping Plate Explorer 07, I stamped on sponged nails
  • I used some black square studs on noon stamped nails to get some edgy 3D look. Although my hubby said I could have survived without it 😛
  • And brushed a layer of top coat.

Moyou Stamping Plate Explorer Collection 7

Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

And got these nails flaunting around!! I am happy with these nails. They are colorful, Sparky and traditional. The Print on stamped nails is so Indian and rustic. This was one of very few occasions when I am not smothering myself with not accomplishing the nail art in my imagination :P.

Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

I hope you liked this nail art as much as I did (I secretly wish you like even more !!! Shh!!). Please leave your comments and let me know. They motivate me and make me fool great!!


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