Welcome to ‘NailArt and Beauty’

Hi Friends,

It feels so great to finally talk to you guys from my brand new website πŸ™‚ :). I am very excited, I am not sure about you though πŸ˜› . I have taken considerable amount of pain and strain to get things together, the way they are.

I am still working on nitty gritties, its a new platform for me too and I am hell bend to make the best of it πŸ™‚ :).


Regular postings will start very soon. I have articles sitting in my drafts already, nail art pics deing for your comments and products on shelf lying idle for reviewΒ :). Meanwhile guys, just hang around a bit, get the feel and please please please give me feedback of this blog. I would sincierly request you guys to let me know what you hate or like here, so that I can correct them. Please highlight any anomalies , I will recitify them.

I am a bit scared, little nervous and very excited. Also, I have recently setup my Instagram Acount (I know its very late and I should have done it long time back πŸ™ ). But its kinna lonely out there without your visits and love.I am sharing the links to my other Social Media platforms,please have a look, like and follow me there.



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