Sweet Geisha Nail Art

Hi Girls, nail decals are very in these days and so I went ahead and got a lot of them 😛 . Ya more than possibly I could use 😛 . I had a terrible nail accident the other day (I exaggerate  anything when it comes to nails) . On my way back from work, I boarded an auto rickshaw, now you know how bumpy our roads are and how Schumacher our auto drivers are . The driver took a steep turn and to save myself from falling, I pounced on the bar ahead of me, when I hit my nail on the stupid drivers seat 🙁 🙁 🙁 .

Geisha Nail Art

I was almost was heart broke when my nail art friends ‘Tea bag Method’ to save the split nails. And after 5 minutes of ‘Operation Tea Bag’ in ICCU, my nails were on ‘Ventilator’ . Atleast now I wont have to trim down all nails, I shortened them though. Its a life saviour, Google it interested. Anyhow  with short nails I could not do better than this. I was also feeling a bit low and was in no mood to do lot of artistic work here.

Geisha Nail Art

So here I am using Geisha Nail Water Decals on all my fingers. And Color Show Constant Candy on my ring finger . I did 2 coats faces ‘Hollywood’ which is multi color glitter polish in transparent base. I will review it soon 🙂 . Ohh and I forgot to mention the bright yellow is ‘Sunshine’ from Maybelline Colorshow.

Geisha Nail Art

Let me know how you feel about the nail art. I did this early morning before going to work!!! It really is quick and fun :). Do you feel the same???


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