Devil wears Gold Nail Art

Girls, when I went to Delhi for Diwali….I used to doll up almost everyday and match up a nail art to that!! I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion parade there 🙂 . So I wore a really gorgeous saree this day so I definitely needed something to match up to the look. I recently hauled from buyincoins which had lots of nail art accessories.

Devil Wears Gold Nail Art

Although I wanted to do glam nail art but I would get late dressing up eating up all my time to do nail art. So I would rarely manage to do an elaborate nail art. In those tough times, I would often seek help from.

Devil Wears Gold Nail Art

I used Mayebelline Color Show Crazy Berry which is lovely dark aubergine color. Really very pretty with devilish streaks. Its like a vampy color and I liked the two faced look of the color.

Devil Wears Gold Nail Art

I used some nail glue to get the golden studs on nails. It really came out very well :). It indeed matched up with the vibration of my attire. However if I had to comment on wearing a metallic slice sticker, I would say its irritating. Why? It may look very elegant and edgy but your fingers literally get entangled in anything you lay your hands into. The toughest is to comb your hair 🙁 🙁 . My fingers got stuck with threads and clothes and all loose ends on way.

Devil Wears Gold Nail Art

But if you only talk about looks, it is a stunner. And I am definitely not repenting the purchase of this metal stud. It has added glam to my nails. And it matched my saree to T.

So how do you girls find it?  Just ‘Good’ or ‘Too Good’ ??? (Sorry Bad isn’t an option)!! 😛 😛


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