Maybelline Color Show Velvet Wine Nail Polish Review

Are you sometimes guilty of underestimating something, to be completely blown over by it later??? And then you think ‘Maybe I should give rest to my pessimism” . Something similar happened to me when I saw this shade in Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Box (Remember my hubby gave me entire set of 40 colors) .

I would always open box and hate to see this horribly common color (at least in India). It looked typically like an old fashion “aunty color”. Some shade of maroon is what I speculated about it (maroon is my hatestttt color) .And can you imagine I have two of this nail polish, which irritated me more. But still to see how horrible this nail polish was I applied it on my pinky.

Maybelline Color show Velvet Wine Nail Polish Review

I was amazed!!!! I had completely not got the shade of this one in the first look. Agreed it looks like an ordinary glittery maroon in the first look when trapped in bottle. But when I spread it over my nails, it looked something different.

Maybelline Color show Velvet Wine Nail Polish Review

About Maybelline ColorShow : Stay right on trend from your tips to your toes with new Maybelline Color Show. Our gel based formula with color popping pigments, comes in 40 bold, super stylish shades that look great on nails. So go on, mix, match and make the most of color.

Quantity and Price: 6ml for Rs 75

Maybelline Color show Velvet Wine Nail Polish Review

Color :  No No, don’t mistake it for an Ordinary Aunty Maroon. Rest your speculation till the time you apply it on your nails. It is wine maroon color with micro glitters in red-maroon-silver floating around. Maroon with glitters is a tacky combo I always thought, but Maybelline has done a commendable job in getting it right. The color is quite luscious and will compliment all skin tones. It makes your hand look instantly delicate and bright

Maybelline Color show Velvet Wine Nail Polish Review

Pigmentation and Texture : It is a two coater like other Maybelline Color Show polishes. But it is a bit more sheer than the oter creamy polishes I tried from this range (Lavender Lies, Mint Mojito etc). You will not like it or have an idea of shade in one coat. The texture isn’t creamy because it is a sheer polish with micro shimmers in it. It doesn’t irritate while removal though.

Maybelline Color show Velvet Wine Nail Polish Review

Overall : Over all the finish looks quite shiny and juicy. It does look like a gel finish. It looks like some kind of berry crushed on nails with some shimmer of course!! This is beautiful maroon wine color which is definitely different from common maroon flooded in  the market.

Rating :5/5  I have no reason to deduct anything, it over delivers 🙂 🙂


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