Delicate Rose on Lavender Nail Art

Hi, I am still in my stamping trial and error zone. I really feel so frustrated at times when I don’t get designs correct on my nails!! I have gone on and off stamping endless number of times to get these flower on my nails.After like 5-6 attempts per nail, I managed this nail art and few drops of sweat on my forehead!! Phew!!

I used the Maybelline Color Show “Lavender Lies” as the base color. Then I stamped with “Black Konad Special Polish” . The image plate I used is I guess a dupe a Konad.

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

It was really task to get these roses correctly on my nails since I am terrible at this stuff. But the end look kinna made gave me “Worth It” feeling. I have collected 12 Konad Stamping Polish and 15 Konad Stamping plates and a few dupes. Woah! I have invested a lot in just one month and I better get good at it.

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

Because of the delicacy of the fragile looking rose and glossy shine of Maybelline ColorShow Lavender Lies , I got complements at work. And really, these are the kind of nail art you can fearlessly wear at work. They are not loud and make a statement!!

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

I had indulged in a major Konad Haul last month, in which I also bought the “Konad Clear Top Coat”. I must say I am impressed by it :).  Details will be provided in my coming posts reviewing this Top Coat.

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

Anyways, what do you guys feel, am I getting any better in stamping??? I really wish to do them well and befriend stamping. I can’t miss the gorgeous designs on konad stamping plates for lack of practice. I have a got a lot of nail polish and nail art stuff (A LOT) in the last couple of months so I have exciting times ahead 🙂 . I purchased almost everything that was on my wish list in context to nails. Except the Indies and various confetti glitter polishes which are not available in India 🙁

I hope with all the possible addition to my nail art inventory, I am able to amaze you guys with my coming nail arts 🙂


  1. blimbo2005 says:

    i feel the same way with stamping one day im great at it and the next i want to throw them all away. I guess practice makes perfect and I definitely need to try them more.

    • Setu Rohini says:

      ha ha… I really cant measure my progress in stamping!!! I goof up so much at times, while some days I am just bang on in first attempt. But in general, I am less scared of it now and yes, I did practice a bit.

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