Soft Stripes in Lavender French Nail Art

I am quite FOR french nail art these days and so you should be seeing many of them in the coming days. I have got an amazing nail paint to be used as base for frenchs; which is 2% milk from Wet and Wild. Its an excellent base for french. I guess I will be swatching it soon.

Soft Stripes on Lavender French

I wanted a different end result, something even better but this isn’t very bad either.

Soft Stripes on Lavender French

Items Used and Method

  • Wet and Wild 2% Milk- Used as the base color
  • Rimmel Purple color (forgot the exact shade name) – Cover your Nail tips with it
  • Black Acrylic Paint – For the free hand soft swirls
  • Fine Nail Art Brush – To draw those curvy lines
  • Top Coat – To seal the design

Soft Stripes on Lavender French

And I don’t think that was difficult at all. I enjoyed the sophisticated look of the nail art. I did get compliments for this. I tried a lot to capture the best shots to narrate the look but I am not quite sure how successful I am?

Soft Stripes on Lavender French

I am absolutely spell bound by the 2% Milk from Wet and Wild, its such an amazing pale pinkish base for french and other nail art. I am so “Awwwed” by it. I loved the way my nails looked with them.

Soft Stripes on Lavender French

I hope you guys like it as much as I did or many of my friends did. My husband helped me to pose for the pictures, I hope you find this series of pictures better. Do let me know what you think 🙂

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