China on my Mind Nail Art

I have been wanting to do some china flavour nail art, but have been unsuccessful :(. I don’t claim to be successful today even but I atleast I brought ‘the flavor’.  I wanted to do a bright red color and some Chinese sign stamped in golden..but I neither have a stamp nor a stamping polish 🙁 🙁

My Mind In China Nail Art

So with all I had in hand I went ahead with this. I am wearing ‘red’ after LONG. Actually may be third or fourth time in my life!!! I love red but I don’t like wearing it 🙁

My Mind In China Nail Art

Now for the nail art you will require the following items:

  • Read Nail Polish
  • Yellow Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Art Pen

My Mind In China Nail Art

That’s it!! No nail art tools or expensive tools. And please nail art pen is not a tool or special thing anymore..They are available in all mom and pop shops. Can you believe they are sold in Mumbai local trains as well???? Anyways, so how did it, practically it is so easy that there is nothing to explain.

My Mind In China Nail Art

Method :

  • Prep for nails first and then dip them in red. Try to paint your nails in brightest red color to have most fun.
  • Now with free hand or help of tapes make a thick line with yellow. You can use any other contrast color you want.
  • Using your nail art pen, draw the pattern (you can draw the pattern you wish to).
  • Just seal it with a top coat.

My Mind In China Nail Art

Ohh!! and then something happened and the brightness started hitting me since I told you I am not good with ‘Reds’!! So mattyfied the nail art. I am not able to evaluate till date if it was a mistake. My husband says it gives a sober look and he liked it. But I am and was still unsure. So why don’t you guys help me decide!!!

My Mind In China Nail Art

Isn’t it easy and fun?? I liked the nail art, though I had put minimal efforts the results were great. Because of the bright red color and noticeable contrast, I made quite a few heads turn with this!!! Did your head turn??


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