Upcoming Blog Sale!!!

You know the feeling when you keep on shopping and adding stuff to your wardrobe and your wardrobe refuses to just take them any more after a point. Howsoever you try hard to just grind in things there, you can’t have enough space!!

And that’s when you realize you have more than you need and you have bitten more than you could chew. And that’s when a blogger thinks of a blog sale.

Blog Sale 2

So, a sneak peek to the blog sale that I am going to unveil on 4th Oct ‘ 2013. Why that particular day, because I wanted to break it on Friday where you have weekend to shop and browse.

Anyways, I have nail paints of course; mostly the ones not available in India China Glaze Textures, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Wet and Wild, Beauty Buffet, Meishha (Indie) etc. I also have two frgeous long staying lipsticks from Faces Ultimate Pro Lip Colors, Revlon Eyeliner gel in Plum Prune, faces brushes set

98% of the products are brand new, not even swatched once!!!!

And the rest 2% are swatched once to do a blog review post which never happened either 🙁 .

The good news is they are freebie loaded!!! The freebie are Krylon Ikonic Gel Pencil in Black ( 2 in number) , Satya Paul gift vouchers ( denomination of 1000 and 2000) and a nail art glitter wheel!!!! Isn’t it great???

Do not forget to check my blog on Friday evening!!!

PS : Open to Indian Residents Only!!


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