Easy At Home Nail Art 30 – Shimmer in Pastel Shades

Hiee, how are you ladies? I am sure all good 🙂 . I wanted to check something with you guys today to rate me on the “Sane Meter” 🙂 🙂 . Do you guys often conceive nail art designs in mind even when you are else where ? Do you often see a color in form of dress or car or painting and wish you had a nail paint of the exact shade? Well, I am so crazy about nail art that either I keep doing it or keep thinking about it :P. Many a times even at work when I am stressed out, I imagine the wonderful designs and nails and colors to rejuvenate me 😀 :D. Please tell me I am not insane and all you polish lovers also feel the same way (I am keeping my fingers crossed). I hope I feel normal after reading your answers 🙂

Shimmer in Pastel Nail Art

Back to nail art, I did this delicate nail art for a sober dress I was supposed to wear for a party; is the story I should have told you. But the reality is, I saw an ammmmaaazzing nail art on pinterest and attempted to create something similar. And what on earth made me believe that I would succeed 🙁 ???. I did not even land near, nope not even 1 kilometer 🙁 :(. But it is not even half bad either if I do not compare.

Shimmer in Pastel Nail Art

And its not false when I say I did it for a party. I did it for party but I did dress to match the nail art and the other way round 😀 😀

Shimmer in Pastel Nail Art

This nail art can be done without any tools again. All you need is a makeup sponge or any other ordinary sponge and colors of your choice.

Shimmer in Pastel Nail Art

Anyways, this was a simple nail art which did not give me miraculous output either (I hate myself to even think that I would get close to the splendid nail art I saw on Pinterest ). But enough of cribbing and back to how I did this. I used pastel shades of turquoise and mauve for sponging effect on my nail tips. The result after sponging was obnoxious!! I hated to even look at it and wanted to remove it immediately. Most irritating was the fact that my dad was waiting in my drawing room to pick me up for the function and I was hellbent with this nail art. So I was even more angry. But after I did a glitter top coat, the nail art became tolerable. And eventually, I came in terms with it and started liking it 🙂

Shimmer in Pastel Nail Art

What do you guys say? Do you also like it?


  1. MillieMuppet says:

    I love those they’re so pretty! I always look at things and want nail polishes in the same colours, especially if its something glittery… It’s not much to worry about I don’t think 😉

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