Tip Top Creamy Orange Nail Polish Review

Hi Friends, I received a parcel of nail paints from Tip Top few days back for reviewing. They definitely know how to win a girls heart. I got 4 shades of pink/corals and a black nail paint. I also got 3 special duo nail paints with glitter on one side.

I shall be sharing my honest reviews with you for all one by one. The colors sent to me are chosen wisely so they made me happy in the first look. The only thing which made me sad is the postal charge of Rs 600  . I have never been charged before but this one and born-pretty holo arrived the same day with this exception.

Anyways, I will be reviewing the ‘Creamy Orange ‘ today which I liked the most so it was the first one I tried.

Tip Top- Creamy Orange Nail Paint Review

About Tip Top :The Tip Top brand was established in 1981.  The philosophy behind Tip Top was to develop a brand of  nail colour & treatments that comprised of the following attributes & characteristics:  Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free. Visit their website here.

Tip Top- Creamy Orange Nail Paint Review

Quantity and Price 10 ml (I am not sure of the price since it was sent for review) .It comes in a round bottle with a long cap and just right brush.This was just as per my linking.

Tip Top- Creamy Orange Nail Paint Review

Color : As I applied the first coat I liked  the color on my nails. But as soon as the brush touched my nails for the second coat I loved them. It was rich. I totally went gaga over this without even finishing all the nails. The color is nice fresh and coral like.It is difficult to find some one who will not fall for this color. It appears to be pinkish under light or when clicked with flash on.

Tip Top- Creamy Orange Nail Paint Review

Consistency and Pigmentation: The polish has a creamy consistency which is again a big plus.The pigmentation is great and it’s a two coater. It did not take long to dry, I guess it was faster than a normal nail paint. The nail paint has a good shine without a top coat also. But I applied a top coat and it stayed chip free for days after which I removed it. I would say the staying is impressive.

Tip Top- Creamy Orange Nail Paint Review

Overall : I totally loved this one on all fronts staying, color, finish, consistency and what not. This is by far the nail paint which has given me best finish on my nails even without top coat.

My Rating: 5/5

And you know the best thing is Tip Top is considering to expand in India!!! I am so happy and so would the other polish lovers be 🙂

* The Product was sent for my honest review.


  1. vonimoller says:

    tip top is taking over! WOOP WOOP!!! I also love this colour and am wondering how I don’t have it!!!! Over here they retail for R40 a bottle but often they have this 3 for the price of 2 specials so that rocks!!!

    • Setu Rohini says:

      I can totally smell nail paint patriotism….I understand. Lucky you, you can buy whenever you want to out!They are planning to expand in India..I just hope that tax n stuff doesnt make it expensive!

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