When Nails Met Polish Nail Art

Hi Friends, I was racking my brains on how to depict ‘Fashion” theme for the OMD Nail Art Challenge. Mostly people chose to depict dresses and outfits. Basically, its an interpretation of what fashion means to you.

When Nails Met Polish

As a die hard polish lover, I could not go farther than my pretty polishes to show you what fashion means to me. So I used acrylic paints to draw these bad boys. Aren’t they adorable??

When Nails Met Polish Nail Art

The saddest part is I do not have any OPI,Orly, Essie or Zoyas; absolutely none :(. But I can’t help thinking thinking about them and hope to have them some day in my polish drawer.

When Nails Met Polish Nail Art

Please do not forget to pay attention to the Orly, I have taken care to draw the cap ‘grey’ and have put some tiny dots on it like they originally are. I hope you enjoyed watching them as much I enjoyed creating them. I have used acrylic paints to draw them and then outlined them black using a fine brush.

When Nails Met Polish Nail Art

I know they are not impeccable or very neat but they mean a lot to me :(. I have just seen lucky girls grabbing these babies in pictures and I tried to replicate the bottles and caps without seeing them actually. Only we polish lovers can understand what heart throbs even these empty bottles pics can be? Am I correct dear?


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