I love Music Nail Art

Hi , I have a quick post today since I am not much in talking mood today. And my talking mood is mostly directly linked to the way my nail art turns out to be. When it’s pretty, I talk more and when not, I feel like hiding somewhere 🙁

So here I am with a “Music Inspired Nail Art” for the OMD Nail Art Challenge. It is a simple nail art where I used blue nail paint for base color and all the work is acrylic paints. I painted half hearts on each hand with white, drew the music note with black and golden dotted border using dotting tool.

I love Music Nail Art

I chose to heart to seat the notes since I truly love music and its peps up my heart and mood 🙂

When I join my fingers, the half heart completes itself to form a full heart which was what I intended. But I also figured out (actually I had been noticing this for quite some time) that my pinky finger nail is defective. It is bent on the right side. So how much ever I tried, my pinky and ring finger nails did not join in an appropriate way to form a heart.

I love Music Nail Art

And it kind of broke my heart!!!! I have not been able to do half the number of nail arts I wanted since I joined my new job. I do not know but I always have some or other commitments when I reach home and I can’t devote enough time to doing a nail art. Plus I have 2nd and 3rd  Saturdays working so that also eats up a lot of free time which I previously had.

I love Music Nail Art

Also, I am not doing bright and attractive nails these days since I am not sure of my new office. I am just observing these days. I do not wish to stand out so soon (eventually I guess, I would :P).

Anyways, I have become a cry baby these days. I am gonna stop crying now I guess. I will make it up with a happy nail art, what say? But, how about this one? Did you like it?


  1. Deepti says:

    aaww… this is such a cute Nail Art… and the best part is your are able to manage doing it even after your hectic schedule …. so dont be a cry baby… 🙂

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