My Butterfly Nail Art

Hi ladies, its the Day 21 of OMD Nail Art Challenge and the theme today is “Stamping”. Time flies so fast, just now I was worried about being able to manage a nail art everyday to live this competition and here we are on the Day 21 🙂

I really really struggled to put everything together, trust me I have gone crazy to manage posts for everyday (also took help of scheduled posts). And now I feel tired!! I love doing nail art even though my arms feel like ripping off with new job and new home sometimes. But what makes it too much is editing pictures and the writing posts.

Simple Butterfly Stamping Nail Art

One thing that I feel like sharing here is that many a times, I am so tired mentally or physically that I just wish I could put photos of my nail art here and share with you. I just feel of writing a short ‘Hi’ and spamming the pictures. But as soon as I click on ‘New Post’ button and write ‘Hi’, I don’t know what happens, I feel an adrenaline rush. As if I gather some energy from mysterious sources and then I feel like pouring my heart out like I was never tired!!! Many a times, I have started my posts with ‘today I will be doing a short post’ and stuff but ended up writing long stories 😛 :P.

Such is the connection I feel with you, I swear. Its like writing a diary and unwinding. Its like catching up with a group of most wonderful people across the globe who share common interests. And you know the funny part, even my mundane stories, uneventful incidents and monotonous life makes at least one of you smile or laugh or relate to me. That means so much, if I can make one of you smile, ease the problem of at least one, make one of you relate, inspire half of you or touch your life in any form.

Anyways, I don’t want to go on now, let me save some words for the nail art 😛

Simple Butterfly Stamping Nail Art

I have a simple stamped butterfly to share with you today. The nail art is simple petty stamping but I liked it and hope the same with you. I did stamp after a long long time. Actually, I am not good at stamping; my husband is very kind to do that for me :). So I indulge in stamping rarely. Plus I do not much feel the joy of creation in ‘Stamping’. I guess I need to graduate from simple stamping and take next step to mix different techniques with it.

Simple Butterfly Stamping Nail Art

But for now, you guys have to bear with this 🙂


  1. poshnailsnmakeup25 says:

    Hi Ms. Setu. You made me smile with your words. For me, this work is nice. I haven’t tried stamping. 😛 Anyways, you made me really laugh in that part that your husband was the one who did the stamping for you. How supportive your husband is. I can imagine how cute that was. I could really relate because my husband is like him too. So supportive even with these crazy girl stuff, he doesn’t care as long as he shows support. Lucky you have a husband like him. God bless you both Ms. Setu. Looking for ward to more great work and stories from you. Just call me Maryam. 🙂

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