Mint with a Hint of Black Currant Nail Art

Hi Girls,

I am not sure how you gonna take the name of the nail art, but that is how I felt  when I finished this. The ‘Teal’ color used is so minty and the deep purple color could only made me imagine black currants :). I have fimo here to get some 3D effect. Incidentally this also qualifies for the OMD Nail Art Challenge themed 3D.

Mint With Hint of Black Currant Nail Art

Incidentally, this nail art very old. I had not even started blogging then. I was sitting alone at home on a Thursday night and getting bored. I just thought let me try the fimo clay and use it for the first time. I also wanted to make sure I have some color on my nails to match my dress I was going to wear the next morning. So I made a deep purple shade by combining two unused and dried up colors 😀 :D. I cannot explain how victorious I felt by getting the exact shade I wanted by using two wasted nail paints. Then I turned to the fimo clay to beautify them 🙂

Mint With Hint of Black Currant Nail Art

The photographs are also old (thank God I atleast clicked one!) and may not be the best. But while browsing through my old pictures I found this and it kind of gave nostalgic feeling and faint memories (remember the feeling you get when you see your childhood photographs). So I thought why not share it with you!!.

Mint With Hint of Black Currant Nail Art

The nail art is not difficult at all, all it requires is a color section and complete placement of fimos. I used the nail glue to stick my fimos and they stayed real long. The pictures were clicked 3 days after the I did them. I think I used a top coat (just a maybelline clear polish). I hope you liked the nail art. What do you think, does the nail art justifies the name? Do you have similar old nail arts that you did as a beginner? Share your thoughts dearies!!!


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