My First attempt at Sponging – Sunset in Orange and Pink Ombre

Hi Again, You must understood by now that apart from the excitement this challenge is giving me, it is also giving me the opportunity to try new stuffs πŸ˜€ :D. I have a long list of “To-Do” Nail Arts but have not been able to strike them off for long. So I am using this challenge to do all crazy stuffs I was either under confident in doing or they just slipped out of mind!!

Today I tried Ombre Nails by sponging Β method for the first time. When I first saw their pictures on pinterest long back, I was scratching my head wondering how do people get that (I was not into nail art blog reading at this time). It was only later when I came to know of something called “Sponging”. And then for a long time I din’t have sponge to try them. After few months when I got the kind of sponge I wanted, I lost them in my wardrobe (I wonder if anyone can do that!!). I again bought a makeup sponge which was kinna expensive and good. I used it as a “makeup sponge” first and realized it is much better off as a “makeup” sponge than dirtying as a nail art sponge.

Then I got my perfect piece of sponge in the Prize of Nail Art Remake Challenge that I won!!! And finally, I did some sponging for my sister.Again it is my first time so neither did I expect any wonder nor did I create any wonder πŸ™ πŸ™ :(. I did this for the “Gradient Theme” of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge that I am participating in.

Ombre in Orange and Pink Nail Art

Initially, I just drew two strokes of pink and orange on the sponge and started dabbing on my sisters bare nails. But they looked very translucent :(. Then I did a thin base coat using the orange nail paint and sponged over them. The results were better and I stuck to that.I am not going into any tutorials since these are not perfect ‘Ombre’ and I have not yet found out a method that works best for me. There is no point serving half baked cake around πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !!!

Ombre in Orange and Pink Nail Art

Now anyone reading my blog will know two things when I do nail art for my sister, which are:

  • Firstly, she is tomboyish (she hates when I say this, but anyone who does not lllooovvvee nail paints is a tomboy,what say polish lovers???), so I have to tempt her to do nail art. She is not naturally inclined towards it πŸ™ πŸ™ (Can you believe she is my sister!!). She is a Chartered Accountant and with CFA level 3 (kinna nerdy at times), a Senior Credit Analyst!!
  • Secondly, she is always in a hurry and she makes me run around to do her nails and no “re-takes”, what is done is done!. So she was getting late for a movie and I was pressing myself to show my talent in the limited time. And on top of that, she just slipped in a little message in my ears saying “Acetone isn’t expensive these days”, to which I thought, maybe I could clean and redo something that did not turn up well, which is perfect!!! But what she meant was , if I did not do well, she wouldn’t think twice in wiping them off!!! (She loves me a lot but she can be mean at times!!) πŸ™ πŸ™

Ombre in Orange and Pink Nail Art

So will all that pressure and zero experience in this technique, I created this. This is not perfect but I am glad that I tried!!! How did you guys find it??


  1. Victoria Oen says:

    For the first attempt, this is pretty good and I totally love the colors. I can’t even look at my first sponging photo :p And your sister seems really fun. Well, I totally love nail paints and I’m a tomboyish in fact. Hahaha πŸ˜€

  2. cherryblossompretty says:

    Your first sponge is great! I’ve done a sponge gradient a couple of times. First time was an unsharable disaste. It’s fun to use a bunch of colors and see what comes out. Each nail ends up being different.

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