Floral Nail Art – My first attempt at One Stroke Painting

Hi Ladies,

The theme for Day 14 OMD Challenge is Flowers. Now I am sure one could have million ways to get a floral nail art done, its not at all difficult for a girl to imagine flowers. But as I said earlier, I am trying to lay my hands on methods or designs I haven’t done ever.

Floral Nail Art

I have been about this and seeing ‘One Stroke Painting’ a lot. And trust me the results are mesmerizing. I have refrained from writing a tutorial for this nail art purposely. I did not want to go wrong or miss anything so I would request you do a google search.

Floral Nail Art

In short I can just say, use a flat brush with two different colors at both tips. This will give ‘pink’ color to the inner petals while ‘white’ to the outer. One should use a palette and place the two colors side by side so that they are picked up that way.

Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

Initially I just drew flowers on a clear base coat and black french tip. But later I decided to throw some shimmer so I did a top coat with a chunky silver nail polish. It looked sparky now.

Floral Nail Art

But now when I look back, I feel they were better off without the silver glitters. They were cuter and calmer. What do you say girls?

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