The Glitters and Stars Nail Art

Hi Fellas,

The theme for the 13th Day of the Nail Art challenge is Stars. Now I was wondering on the zillion ways I could depict stars, stamping, free hand, stickers etc. But then I settled for something very simple yet elegant.

The Glitter and Stars Nail Art

There is not much of tutorial or How to that I could discuss here. I have just used another of my pinkish glitter nail paint that I bought in my cheap nail paint haul. I used thme for the first time. I wanted some glitter on my nails, did not want any color on my nails yet wanted a slight tint of pink. And this one fitted perfectly. Really I am too happy with the cheap nail paint collection I have recently bought.

he Glitter and Stars Nail Art

I have used random star nail art accessory that I won in the Nail Art Remake Challenge. Really, Margriet did send a lot of cool stuffs. And like a greedy child I always look for ways to use them 🙂

Mettalic in Silver and Gold Nail Art

First, I just used the glitter nail paint as the base coat since I wanted my nails to be visible. I am sharing the pictures of how they looked.

Mettalic in Silver and Gold Nail Art

Mettalic in Silver and Gold Nail Art

Then, I felt I should add a little color on the tips to give life to it. It looked slightly pale otherwise. And then I used a pretty pink to give a french tip.

The Glitter and Stars Nail Art

How did you guys find the nail art? Do you think the pink tip added life to the nail art? After having a closer look ,I think both are beautiful in their own places. Do you feel the same way?


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