Colorful Lady Bug Nail Art

Hi Friends,

I have a very colorful and cute nail art to share today. They are easy and simple, yet make my hands glow and instantly noticeable. I tried the Lady Bug Nail Art only I imagined them to have more colors than Red. This is for the OMD Nail Art Challenge and the theme for today is Dots. I thought of not flooding my nails with dots and rather do a twist with it 🙂

Colorful Lady Bug Nail Art

I cannot help myself but remember an old incident, when I just started to lay hands on nail arty stuff, experimenting how could I use my shaky for good. I saw a lovely Water Melon Nail Art on internet with my friend Divya in office. We were so amazed on its beauty and I decided I will replicate a Watermelon on my nails the next day and show her.

Colorful Lady Bug Nail Art

So, I did try drawing a watermelon and we were happy with my amateur nail art till few of my guy friends in the lunch group complimented me and said “Hey, nice Lady Bug there, Good Work”!! And I was so shocked and I got furious as soon as I recovered my senses. How could they? And since them they always teased me about the lady bug nail art. And seeing how upset I was, they pledged never to guess my work , till I explained 😛 😛 😛

Anyway, today I much better…..I draw a Watermelon like a watermelon and a ladybug like a lady bug 🙂 🙂

Colorful Lady Bug Nail Art

I have just used different colors to paint all nails. And used black and white acrylic paint for the art work. All you need is a brush and a dotting tool. Easy isn’t it??

Let me know if you liked it. Do my Lady Bugs look like one??? 😛


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