Easy at Home Nail Art 27 : DIY Summer Textured Nails with Salt

Hi Friends,

This summer is all about bright nail paints and textured nail paints. I think it started with Barry M and very quickly almost all brands launched their textured nail paint collection. And I see all blogs flooded with textured nail arts and nail paint swatches 🙂 🙂 :). They are well received and appreciated by polish lovers across.And incidentally the theme for 9th day of the challenge is “Textured”.

DIY-Texured Summer Nails

My sad story is that I still can’t find a single brand selling textured nail paints in India 😀 :grin:. And the theme for 9th day of the challenge is “Textured”.So does that mean I wont have any textured paint on my nails while the whole world is wearing it and flaunting it??? 🙁 🙁 🙁

DIY-Texured Summer Nails

Absolutely NO. So I did some research and tried getting a textured look using a household item that every kitchen has – ‘Salt’. It is very simple, all you need is bright colors and some salt 😀 😀

DIY-Texured Summer Nails

How to get the Textured Look :

  1. Do the base coat and chose bright colors for each nail.
  2. Paint your nails in the most colorful way (its summers, so don’t hesitate to show how lovely your nails can be).
  3. While the nail paint is still wet, dab some salt on them. Try dabbing it uniformly across the nails. You will the white salt will quickly absorb the color of the nail paint.
  4. Now wait for a minute and see how how colorful your salt has become. Brush off the extra salt.
  5. Finish with a clear top coat and you are done!!!

DIY-Texured Summer Nails  DIY-Texured Summer Nails

I hope you liked this simple nail art. It does not require any tool and can be done within minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed myself being creative and I am happy with the look I got. If I did not tell you, you may have not figured out that it was not the hit textured nail paint!!! Let me know what you think of it.


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