Skittlette Nail Art

HI Friends,

I am going to do a super quick post today on Skittlette Nail Art. You remember some days back I shared Daphne’s Skittlette Nail Art?? Of course you do, because it was superb!!!I have tried a Skittlette this time for the 31 Day OMD Nail Art Challenge!! If you want to know what is Skittlette Nail Art read on

Skittlette Nail Art

Didn’t I tell you this challenge is making me do all things I never thought I would be laying hands on :). I am super busy these days. Didn’t I tell you I will be shifting and changing job??? So with my first day in office yesterday and hectic travelling for now, you guys will have to settle with short posts (if at all I am manage to post nail arts every day for the challenge).

Skittlette Nail Art

Quickly to the post:

The pink on the fore fingers is the baby pink top which I wear at night mostly. They are translucent pink with random white (pearly white) stripes here and there.

The other two fingers with beautiful pastel colors polka dot is the three fourth pants I wear to sleep every night. They are called “Payjamas” in other words. I love this night dress of mine and I was wearing this after the tired first day of new job, so it became the source of inspiration.

Skittlette Nail Art

And, the lips with hugs and kisses on my thumb has nothing to do with any dress or apparel piece. I was wondering what should I depict on the thumb , I was wearing no accessory at all, not even a watch!! So I depicted the “Attitude” that I wear!! I am a warm person by nature and I was in all lovely dovey mood. My family was pouring the on e as soon as I entered home after my first day at new job. They behaved as if I won a battle and reached home! Anyways, so I thought of sharing the love with you too.

Skittlette Nail Art

Hope you like it!!


  1. shobhnaa says:

    All the details and dots are so cleanly done…. looking awesome! You easily find inspirations for your nail-arts from anything lovely enchanting around you…. a good feature of yours observing things minutely. Isn’t it?

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