Plum Border Nail Art

Hi, the theme for today’s challenge is “Purple” so I picked up a plum color nail paint and let loose my brush on it!!! I am going to share a quick nail art and a quick post on this nail art that I tried for the first time! I have been seeing them and wanting to do them for months but I was not sure of the technique.

Border Nail Art in Plum

I though girls must be using striping tape on the borders to get the look but it seemed very time taking and tiring so never tried even that. The pictures I used to see of border manis were so very neat that one could barely say they are free hand painted.I often used to wonder in my initial days how does one do that?? Later, I figured out that we have so many seasoned nail artist (seasoned by passion and not profession) that their free hand is more accurate than stamps and tapes 😀 :D. I was not sure if my hands would ever be as steady to do the outline so I kept ignoring it. But last weekend I decided to test the water.

Border Nail Art in Plum

And I would say that “I did not fail!!”. I did not get a distinction but I am not embarrassed either 🙂 🙂

So sit back and browse, appreciate or criticize my work, while I just take you through the two step tutorial. All you need and need to do is :

Plum or light purple color : To use as the base color

Black Acrylic Paint and a Nail Art brush : Just use a fine brush with black color on it. Try drawing the borders free hand (trust me it is not half difficult as I thought it to be!). I would suggest you to first draw the vertical boundaries on both ends of the nail. And then try to draw horizontal lines to connect and complete the border.

Border Nail Art in Plum

Finish it with a top coat and you are done 🙂 Isn’t it easy? And I kept waiting for so long to do them!!! From one angle the nails kinna look scary also due to the black border.My husband in the first glance thought something terrible happened to my nails 😀 Do you feel the same way??What do you say for my first time??Liked it??

PS :  I am trying my best to explore various nail art techniques that I missed laying my hands on, thanks to the challenge!!


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