I Hate Winters Nail Art

Hi Friends,

Recently I shared my ‘I love coffee Nail Art.  I enjoyed doing it a lot as it was like opening a page of a personal diary to you. I thought it was great if we know each other more and what better way than using few nail arts to share these thoughts 😛 😛

I Hate Winters

I Hate Winters Nail Art

Well, so here I am letting you know and shouting out that ‘I Hate Winters’. Yes, my teeth clatter, my feet gets numb, my brain freezes, my head feels squashed, my hair gets frizzy, my skin dries up, my nail paints gets hidden in gloves and my hair takes ages to dry in winters. There are no words to describe how much they repulse me and how horrible they make my life. Ohh! not to forget, I always get cramps in my feet and calf muscles in winters 😀 😀

I Hate Winters Nail Art

This is not even half good to depict my hatred to winters, but I cannot hold a nasty exhibition of my hatred, so this is much sugar coated version to just give a glimpse of my hatred 🙂

I Hate Winters Nail Art

Tutorial of I Hate Winters Nail art

  1. Red Nail Paint : Color all nails red and allow them to dry
  2. White Acrylic Paint :To draw snowman (with a small dot over a bigger one) and also draw the ‘flake structure'(with fine brush) and write ‘Hate’ (using a dotting tool/toothpick)
  3. Dotting Tool : To help draw the snowman and write ‘Hate’
  4. Black Acrylic Paint: To outline the’snowman’
  5. White Flocking powder: To depict ‘snow’ on nail tip (use a nail glue or wet top coat to stick the flocking powder)
  6. Top Coat : To coat all nails except the flocking powder.

I Hate Winters Nail Art

I hope it was easy. I have used a different way of explaining how the nail art was done. This looked crisp to me so I thought why not give it a try?What do you think, the previous traditional tutorial format is better or this one ?? Let me know what seems better. And also share your views on this nail art. Do you also hate winter? Do you think the sweaters are cruel to hide away our cute dresses underneath? Do you feel that your body weight increased around this time,because your body is used as a hanger for the heavy woolens? Please vent out you hatred for winters here 🙂


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