Skittlette Nail Art – Guest Post by Daphne

Hi All,

Remember, I was asking for guest posts few days back. Daphne from the Daisy NailArt was the first to respond :). We shared a few emails quickly and I expressed my desire to see what a Skittlette Nail Art is. I had no idea and it was making so much noise around. But unfortunately even Daphne was not aware :(. But you would not believe the lightening speed with which she dug around , researched and came up with what this Skittlette Nail art is!!!Not only that, within few hours she sent me her nail art along with the post. So sweet of her to that. Please visit her blog Daisy NailArt to check out her work, I am sure you will love it 🙂

Skittlette Nail Art – Guest Post by Daphne

Setu was asking on here blog if someone was interested in a guest blog. She asked this because she is a little bit busy. I was excited about it so I send here a email.

She asked if I’ve ever heard of skittlette mani. I had really now clue.  After surfing on the Internet I found it.
If you want to know more about the skittlette mani take a look on this site:

I had a animal print pants on. With a white tank top. And I am always wearing my Guess watch.
So this was my starting point for the skittlette mani.

Skittlette Nail Art

I used 4 different colours:
– white
– black
– grey
– silver

Skittlette Nail Art

In my enthusiasm I forgot to take a picture tutorial.  So if Setu wants me to make another guest blog I promise that there will be a tutorial.

Skittlette Nail Art

Skittlette Nail Art

What do you think off this skittlette mani? Do you see the watch en pants coming back in the nails? And the white of my tank top?

What say people?? Isn’t that gorgeous? I loved it the moment I saw it. And I am so glad to have a Skittlette Nail Art on my blog (without even working on it) 😛 :P. Daphne has said she would do one more skittlette for us since she forgot to take pictures for the pictorial 😛 :P. What a punishment for not clicking pictures :(. But then that is a good news for us. We get one more Skittlette from her 🙂 🙂

Please pour in love and comments for the sweet girl and her sweet nail art 🙂


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