Guest Posts Required!!!

Hi Lovely People.

As some you might be already aware, I am joining my new office from 4th July 2013. And so that I don’t get aged and die travelling to my new work, I am shifting to a new place also :). So I have to manage packing, unpacking , clearance from my current employer and joining my new job starting this month end :(. I know it is going to be crazy 🙁 🙁 🙁

I may even be off internet for a few days 🙁 :(. So giving you a background of how topsy-turvy my world will be in the coming days, I am gonna ask if anyone is interested in a ‘Guest Post‘ on related topic (nail art, beauty and likes). This help me take time to settle and get in frame of mind where I can be creative again 🙂

Guest post

What say?? Interested in being the face of by blog and interacting with my lovely readers for the time being??

Please mail me at with the subject ‘Guest Post’.


  1. A Few Other Things says:

    Visiting back after a very long time (since I am extremely busy fighting my unemployment) and can’t recognize, it’s such a beautiful makeover!!!!

    I really wish I could, I’d have loved to, but maybe next time you host it again 🙁

  2. Neetu says:

    Hey, I see you have a lot of offers for the guest post, so might be I will do the next one. That motivates me to get going on my blog too !!!

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