The Story behind -‘The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries’

Hi Fellas,

I am not sharing any nail art or product reviews or beauty stuff today. I feel like sharing some of my random feelings today. I am not sure if we all feel the same way or if you will relate to it. :(. I agree the post is longer than usual but I would request you to go through it. It not tells my story but also share few realities of life that I learnt. At the end you would have a feel good factor and probably answers to a few questions.

Story behind The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

Actually, I started this article to write a tutorial for another nail art of mine. But as I started penning down a few words saying how much I have been wanting to do this nail art for so long, these thoughts started rushing in like breeze and I could not control the urge to vent them out to you.

Do you sometimes stumble upon your past randomly but end up getting engrossed in some deep thoughts, trying to figure out how you reached here?? Do you feel wonder like Β had that not happened I would not have been here??Β I thought it was the worst of my life but good that it happened or I would have never got this?? Do you think on these lines?? Do you sometimes feel unlucky at one point in present but the same thing makes you feel lucky when you look back at it?

Story behind The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

Well this happens to me at least!!!!

Sometimes, when I flip back the pages of my blog, I feel I did quite a few nail arts, assortment of passed and failed experiments. I did manage work, home, blog and some fair amount of success. It kinna makes me proud, whatever they are, they are mine, my blood and sweat. Then, I look back and remember how I was always obsessed with nails paints and long nails but never thought of nail art per say.

When I was 23 while doing my MBA, I did few nail arts but then they took hours since I used all wrong lengthy techniques to get a right look :P. Do you want to know what did I use for my first nail art?? I used an empty pen refill tip to dip into nail paints and make patterns. I used white for base coat and drew lots of intricate leaves and flowers on each nail. Phhewww!!! all of them with just the tiny head of a finished pen refill. I never knew about blogs then or nail art tutorials which I could browse through to make my life easy. Today I look back and pity myself for wanting to get that nail art so desperately, that I took 3-4 hours joining those dots and making leaves and flowers, borrowing few nail paints from friends and getting a sprained neck the next day for bending down for so long at a stretch!! I missed my dinner that day, since I was in hostel and I could not leave my nail art half way so let the dinner bell pass by. I wish I had a picture to show the nail art.

Story behind The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

I went to my home (Mumbai) the next day and my parents appreciated it but also called me crazy. I do not remember much what happened after that or any nail art I attempted after that, I don’t know.I definitely kept on buying nail paints with my pocket money thinking of various nail art designs I would make from them. I vaguely remember trying a couple of designs after that which failed miserably. And I think I got busy with placements and exams and what not, so the failed experiments took a back seat. I got a campus placement, fared well in my exams , shifted back to home, joined my job, got engaged, got married and time passed by and I got very busy.

Story behind The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

After 5 years ( around September 2012), suddenly work pressure decreased due to an anticipated project getting delayed. I like to keep myself busy so this made me upset. I had very low work pressure and it felt weird.I started hating my job even more. One fine day at work while browsing through some review of a cosmetic I wanted to purchase,I got introduced to blogs. Wow!! nice colorful world. And then after a few days or a month I tripped over a nail art blog πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ( I still thank heavens for that lucky moment). And it suddenly got me wondering, that I LOVED nail art so so so much but what happened to it? Why did I forget about it, how did I not think about for so long? It was like something happened and a strong feeling or passion that was buried in my heart so long was now awake and active. I started reading heaps of nail art blogs, after a few 100 reads I ordered a few nail art stuffs and did some nail art.

I love Nail Art

Office was lull and dull, I was studying for some pending insurance certifications and I would do some nail art in my break time (when I was not at office, house chores were sorted and I was not studying). I started enjoying it, it was thrilling and it started motivating me to study so that I could do nail art in break. I still never thought that I would or could have a blog of my own. My memory is again vague here on how and what was the strong moment when I decided to start blogging. I believe it was some strong dormant feeling which needed a push to wake up and change my life. I then set up my blog in January 2013, I struggled with WordPress in February and in March I went to Thailand for a vacation (where I bought lots of nail paints and nail art stuffs). After all the roller coaster ride, mid march when I was back, I actually started writing and blogging. I still remember me mailing my friends on my first like, first follower and first comment (it came very late)!!!!!!

Story behind The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

Things were very exciting since then, I never had a dull day in my life thereon. NEVER!!!


You must be thinking what happened to the anticipated project and my work and my exam and my blog??? Well, about the ‘anticipated’ project; it came but very late-after 7 months of lull. By then I read a lot, gave interview for my dream job and got selected (I really put out my blood and sweat for this one). Β I never really loved the job Β I was doing hereΒ (it was just OK, I got a promotion, good salary but didn’t get the feel!)Β but could never find the huge amount of time to prepare and move out.So I am thankful to the much hated and dreaded lull that it gave me time to prepare for this, focus on this and finally achieve this. By the end of this month I will be leaving my current employer and joining another company with a profile I have been wanting to have for ages.

About the exam, I cleared the ‘Fellowship‘ exam which is the highest insurance certification in India (very few people in India have this certification since it is very difficult and there is an array of exams to clear this) .I had been panting to use the ‘FIII’ (Fellow from Insurance Institute of India) with my signature and business card for so long. So I am grateful to the lull which gave me nightmares to eventually help me achieve my dreams.

And finally, about the blog; its 4 months or less since I actually started blogging and I have 216 Followers, 22000 Views, 2 Versatile Blogger Award,1 Sunshine Blogger Award, 2 Wins at the Nail Art competitions I participated and lots of lovely readers who do not shy away from liking and commenting on my smudged and hazy photographed nail art also. These may not very great achievement to few, but I think I did fairly well. So a big hug to the ‘lull’ which paused my fast paced life, helped me retrospect and realize my hidden and unfulfilled dream, gain up the energy to follow them and achieve them.


Had it not been for the ‘LULL’ I would not have been sitting here and talking to you guys and I would not have had my new assignment knockingΒ atΒ the Door. So it is correctly said ‘Everything happens for a reason’.

So here is my story. Did you enjoy it? Could you relate to it?I am dead sure you have felt something similar to this, please share your story here. And let me know what do you feel for mine.

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  1. Brijit Elouise says:

    I totally relate !
    I used to do so much nail art when I was in high school, then somehow it got forgotten… Fast forward to a year ago and I found myself reading nail art blogs to escape the pressure of work and Being An Adult. Then I opened a WordPress account, thinking I could just do it to amuse myself, pass the time.
    All of a sudden I got some readers and realised I could do a better job of it… Better camera, lighting, taking part in Nail Art competitions, giveaways, etc, and all of a sudden I have brands asking me to take photos for them, lovely followers who comment every day and a lot of new friends ! It’s just wonderful to get caught up in this little nail polish/beauty world of ours πŸ™‚

    • Setu Rohini says:

      Wow Brijit, you seem to have come a long way. Congrats on your achievements dear!!
      And its great to see you relate to it. πŸ™‚
      BTW I will try my best to participate in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge and won your prize (bcz I fall under the fourth category for which you are hoisting the prize πŸ˜› )

        • Setu Rohini says:

          Yes, I will (atleast try my best). I am extremely busy for next month or so since I am shifting my house and also joining new office. And with heavy rains travelling takes a lot longer so literally very little time left to settle my home and do nail ar t and then blog. I may even be off internet in the process of shifting. I am scared that it is going to be super crazy πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
          So with all this if I am able to join in, I must say I am going to pat my back πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Lacqueerisa says:

    Haha! yeap! I’m sure most can relate too. Before I start a little bit of my story, I just want to say this is such a great post! I’m glad you took the time to write it and share it with us!

    No doubt, there has been ups and downs in life. Times of downs when I’d look up and ask God, “WHY?!” Yet still trusting in His sovereignty. One of my life’s motto is that ‘Everything happens for a reason’ – reasons I do not know now, but may and may not at a later time. And guess what? I was right. Few years shortly after that, I understood why He had placed me in such situations earlier on. Had it not been for those vital experiences, I wouldn’t have been able to pull through my final year project.

    • Setu Rohini says:

      Aww, dear that’s so sweet of you. I had been thinking to do this but would wonder if people would really love reading a LOT of words and no nail arts. But I see people indeed are able to relate to it..
      But u are very corect, even I share the belief that every thing happens for a reason! And our lives would be so incomplete and half lived had those nasty things not happened.

  3. Rajani says:

    Congartulations on all you acheived.. πŸ™‚
    I can relate to your story a lot…
    Even i want to blog about that…. will post it after my current on going Contest!!!!

  4. dailynailsart says:

    I can only sah follow your dreams!
    I go started with my blog April 2nd 2013.
    But I want more followers I’ve now 19 followers. An only a few comments.

    I got to say I don’t follow you for a long time (maybe 2 weeks now) but I love your blog. Keep it going!

    • Setu Rohini says:

      Hi Dear,
      Thanks for the comment. You will see your blog growing and blooming in the times to come, do not worry. I was trying to chcek your blog, but I am getting result “Nothing Found” for the blog url mentioned. Let me know your blog link.

  5. Prapti says:

    Congratulations girl! For all your persevarance has brought out the best for you. Where are you guys shifting now….update update.
    Lots and lots of good luck for your new assignment. Always be the way you are, Superwoman!!!!

    • Setu Rohini says:

      Aww, thanks Prapti. Real nice and warm words!! We will be shifting Andheri but home not finalized yet πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
      Crazy times ahead!!Thanks for your wishes!!

  6. vonimoller says:

    Everything will be ok and if it’s not, it’s not the end because everything works out how it must. Your story is proof of that… We are all kind of meant to be where we are meant to be when we look back at our stories – Life is lived in a forward motion, but understood by looking back.
    And I also think everyone needs a lil creative hobby in their life, ours just happens to be POLISH πŸ˜€

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