The Men in Black n Blue Nail Art

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I am up with a very easy, simple yet stylish nail art today. When I was about to leave for work last friday, I had bare black painted nails.And my regular readers and friends know how much I hate plain painted nails. So while I had like 10 minutes to go. I decided that I must do something on my nails. But it had to relate to blue since I was wearing blue 🙂 . So with limited choices that blue and the 1 minutes gave me, I came up with this. This is not the best and prettiest nail art but c’mon you don’t expect to change the world in 10 minutes 😉

Men In Black n Blue Nail Art

So overall, I was kind of happy and felt it was a smart design. I am not sure what tutorial can I possibly write for a 10 minute nail art for which all I used was a nail art pen (with fine brush at one end)

Men In Black n Blue Nail Art

Items used were as follows:

Items Used for Men In Black n Blue Nail Art

If you force me to still explain how I did and what I did, here it goes :P. I applied a base coat, followed by the black nail paint and then drew straight lines with the fine brush of blue nail art pen. And within 10 minuted (including the top coat) I got that look.

Well, I hope you liked it as much as I did. Have you ever surprised yourself by coming up with an idea, implementing it in the spur of the moment and then liking it as well? Most of the times we work hard and often complain of not getting our due. But sometimes we just put in so little and yet get pleasantly surprising results. And when this happens your heart feels joyous :). I felt something similar with this. Hope you guys are able to relate to what I say 😀

Men In Black n Blue Nail Art

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