My Experience with Zee TV Connected HumTum IndiBlogger Meet

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This post is to share my experience in the ‘Zee TV Connected IndiBlogger Meet’ which I had been wanting to do since the second I stepped in the event 🙂 🙂For all those who are not aware what I am talking about, here is the kick start:

What is Indiblogger : It is a platform which brings all bloggers from India together, gets them interacting with each other, share experiences, make friends and network . It brings you readers, acts as motivator, brings Indian Bloggers together (IndiMeets), brings blogs and brands together and is a warm family. It also assigns rank (the higher the score, the higher ranking you have) based on various parameters, which is a reality check for us. My score is 80/100 which is not bad for a 4 month old blog 😀 😀 😀 😀 . Read about them in media here.

What is Zee TV Connected HumTum : Six courageous women of different ages and at different stages in their lives, have dared to bare it all – their hopes, worst fears, insecurities, mistakes, triumphs, joys and sorrow – on national television for the world to see! And what has emerged is a vibrant picture of what is being a woman in the year 2013 is all about – a fresh, first-of-its-kind reality series called Connected Hum Tum featured on Zee TV (Indian National Television). It will be aired from 3rd June at 10 pm (Mon-Fri).

Connected Hum Tum

My Experience : The event was held in the ballroom of The Leela, Mumbai which was an amazing place in itself. We entered and did a self registration (pretty smooth process) and occupied lovely seats. Just when I was wondering what next, the host/anchor (I do not know his name but I appreciate his wittiness and sense of humor) threw life to the event by hosting small little competitions and activities for which you would receive gifts. OMG, each one of forgot our ages and we were all kids once again 🙂 :). Doesn’t matter what was packed inside those shiny boxes, we all wanted them.

After a long stint with small activities I finally won the shiny box for sitting at the table which had equal number of guys n girls 😀 :D. It had a webcam for desktop :).

Then, we had the ‘30 Seconds of Fame‘, where a software picked up random bloggers and they would get a chance to introduce them to the group. Well, my name did not pop up 🙁 . But something amazing happened here,I got to know something about the blogging fraternity which I would have not known otherwise. I always thought its the young internet generation that blogs but I was amazed to see a mother-daughter blogger duo, two young 14 yr old brother-sister duo who have multiple blogs, a poet who is also an MBA, a therapist, a person who came all the way from Surat to attend the meet, half the crowd that had bunked office & College to attend the meet and so on. After getting to know them, I definitely felt more respectful as a blogger. Contrary to the belief that people who have lot of spare time and any else to do blog ; people who blog are the ones who do not have time but they make time to blog and have a long list of things that they could have done but have chosen to blog and follow their heart :). I had a heart felt pride and confidence at that moment.

Indiblogger Zee TV Connected HumTum Meet

Then, we met the six courageous women and let me tell you each one was unique yet they looked like they are one of us. They were different yet similar,  and away yet near. We were shown the introductory teaser and an episode which I was not expecting to be fun. Yes, I was correct it was NOT fun because I did not feel away from any of the characters for a second to have fun, I felt like I could be anyone of them. Seeing the women behave in some situations, I  was like OMG I do exactly the same, I know what it feels like, I have been there and similar feelings. Now, I hate reality shows because they are morphed, scripted and stupid but this one seemed like a ‘Real’ show and not ‘Reality’. I could specially feel for the character ‘Preeti’ who is a successful dentist, passionate belly dancer, a wife and a mother. It was just revisiting our reactions to similar situation 🙂 . It was enlightening as well as engrossing.

Indiblogger Zee TV Connected HumTum Meet

Indiblogger Zee TV Connected HumTum Meet

Anyways, I am not sure on how long I can go on and on this ( I am a great talker)  but I am very sure since last evening that I am definitely participating in all Indiblogger meets and I am not sharing the remote with my husband @ 10pm weekdays 😛 😛 😛

Question to Readers: Has there been a moment which made you felt more proud of blogging?? Have you ever felt the stereotype pressure doubting the capability of you as a blogger??Have you heard about Indiblogger or Connected HumTum??


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