Easy At Home Nail Art 22 – The Pink Fairy and the Black Witch Nail Art

Hello all, welcome yet another nail art of mine. Now, I have always associated the color ‘pink‘  with girls, cuteness, goodness and fairies while ‘black‘ with devils and witches (I think most girls feel the same 😛 ) . So as soon as I looked at this nail art I got a feeling as if it was some fairy and witch war . The cute pink seemed so soft and subtle on two fingers while the powerful black managed to get three 🙁 . I do not know they seemed like some characters and much more than mere colors so I named them so 🙂 . Let me know if you feel the same way or are able to think on the same lines.

The Pink Fairy and the Black Witch Nail Art

Anyways, back to the nail art; even though the color choice or design makes this nail art look intricate and complicated. it is not. You do not require any tools 😀 . All you need is a dotting tool or a toothpick. Isn’t it great that all of us have an equal chance at this :D.

Items Used

  • Black Nail Paint
  • Pink Nail Paint
  • Black and Pink acrylic paint
  • Top Coat and Base Coat
  • Dotting tool or Toothpick

The Pink Fairy and the Black Witch Nail Art

The Pink Fairy and the Black Witch Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Apply some base coat since we are going to use bright colors and seeing your poor nails stained would be last thing.
  2. Apart from the index and ring finger, paint all the nails black.
  3. Color the ring and index finger pink. Allow all of them to dry. During this lean time, I was trying to mix white and red acrylic paint to get a shade of pink nearest to the nail paint color.
  4. Pick up some pink acrylic paint on the dotting tool or blunt side of toothpick. Draw five dots such that they make a circle as explained here. The only difference would be, instead of pulling the dots towards inside the circle, we will pull them to outside. This would change the shape of the petal such that the bulged round end is towards the center and pointed side is outwards.
  5. Make such flowers on all the black painted fingers.
  6. Using the finer side of the toothpick or dotting tool, create pattern (looks like random strings from flowers) near the pink flowers.
  7. Use yellow color to create the center dot of the flower  and some white to highlight the center of the petals. You could also use a rhinestone to beautify the center of the flower.
  8. Using back acrylic paint draw those dots on the pink nails.
  9. Finish it up with a top coat and you are done.

The Pink Fairy and the Black Witch Nail Art

I hope you liked this nail art. I find this nail art two faced, the good and the bad. I do not know what makes me think them as characters but every time I look at them I feel the same. How did you find these nail arts? If you like them do not forget to leave your sweet words behind.

PS : What do you think of my new layout and background?? Are you guys happy with this one?? Or the older was better? Personally, I am finding them cuter but would love to hear from you.


    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      I still feel the same when I see other’s nail art….I am yet not sure how others do it so flawlessly while I get shaky hands.
      Thanks for the compliments…I get less horrible with practice 😛

  1. Kitsu says:

    It looks great! The dots around the flowers really make the whole look for me.
    I love the ribbons on your layout too! They’re so cute.

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