Easy at Home Nail Art 21 – The Yellow and Pink Glitter

Hi Girls, the weather these days urges you to wear bright bold colors and I am seeing them around a lot these days. However, this was not the reason for me to indulge in this nail art. I had a Puja (a worshiping ritual) last Saturday at my place for which I had to wear a beautiful yellow and pink saree. The saree is very pretty trust me, so I did not want to spoil the look with black nail paint that I was wearing. Although it was like midnight when I realized this; due to my strong will power I decided to change my nail paint.

The Glitter in Yellow and Pink Nail Art

I wanted it to be simple and matching to my saree. Also since the saree was heavy with lot of work, I wanted some dazzle/glitter effect on my nail paint to compliment it. So I chose this easy nail art. Although it may not look fab here, it complimented my saree very well 😀 (mission accomplished!)

The Glitter in Yellow and Pink Nail Art

This is a super easy nail art and does not require any tools. It does require glitters but they are very easily available at stationary shops also. I purchased mine from the Beauty Centre (a complete set of 10 colors) 🙂 .

The Glitter in Yellow and Pink Nail Art

Items Used

  • Top Coat and Base Coat
  • Yellow Nail Paint
  • Pink Nail Paint
  • Yellow Glitter and Pink Glitter.

The Yellow and Pink Glitter Nail Art Tutorial:

  1. Do cleaning, cutting, filing and base coat of your nails. Basically do all the prep.
  2. Apply yellow nail polish on all nails except the ring finger for which we will use pink.
  3. After the nail paints have dried, decide on the amount of glitter you want laying them on a palette for ease ( keep the yellow and pink separately).
  4. Either apply the clear top coat and sprinkle the glitters on nails or put the brush (with clear polish on it) on the glitter and dab them on nails. Keep in mind we need to use pink glitter on yellow nails and vice-a-versa.
  5. If you still feel the need (depending on the method you have used), seal the deal with a top coat.

The Glitter in Yellow and Pink Nail Art

I hope you found this glitter mani very easy to do. They look fabulous but the glitters have refused showing their actual colors and hues in the pictures :(. So bear with the half good pictures. The pink and the yellow glitter looked clear and distinct to the naked eye :). You could of course change the colors to suit your comfort or attire. Do let me know if you liked this one 🙂


  1. vonimoller says:

    I love pink and yellow and NEVER have I thought to combine them but they work so damn well! I absolutely LOVE this and how simple it is!
    Also I love sarees! I’m not muslim or anything but since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved them. I do own one, a pink and blue one. My former bff bought it for me when she was working in abu dahbi. It’s just the long fabric strip but really it means a lot to me.

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Thanks a lot for the compliment dear…Yes its a combination even I never tried before but I had do it to match the saree….Glad to know you won a Saree, do you know to wear them (I am a Hindu and we do wear saree for rituals and till date I stumble in them). But they make you look so gorgeous!!

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Thanks and they are super easy…It was an urgent nail art that I needed to have on the next morning, so I couldn’t waste time at 12 midnight doing elaborate work. Settled with this one and I am glad you still liked it!

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