Nail Art Basics – What is Fimo Nail Art? How to use it ?

What is Fimo Nail Art?

Well, they are the easiest way to possibly decorate your nails and make them look fancy in no time. A fimo is a  type of nail art accessory made out of polymer clay. They originally come in form of canes which may be like 0.5mm diameter and the length of approx 5cm. One has to slice them thin to use them. The other way they are sold is in form of ready made slices stacked in wheel shaped container. You can find both the images  below.

Fimo Bundle Fimo Animals Wheel PackFimo Fruits Wheel Pack

How to Use Them?

If its a cane, you need to first slice them and if its a sliced one you are ready :P. Now, you can stick them to your nails and create what ever patterns or designs you wish. You may take help of a tweezer to pick up the slices and place them on the wet nail paint so that they get fixed. The other alternative to make them stay longer is to use a nail  glue. They are much stronger adhesive and they make fimo stay for very long time (literally over a week or two). But I always get bored of them in a week and pick on them and peel them off 😛 . Its a good idea to press the fimo gently on nails ensuring that all the corners of fimo is glued well to the nails. I always do that.

Shopping Guide

Now, first of all let me inform you that fimo slices are a bit more expensive than the canes. Usually the canes are bundled and sold together so you may not have a choice of the canes you want. But they are priced so low (compared to the wheels) that you would want to take the risk of being surprised by your set of fimos. On the other hand, the sliced ones will be sold in wheel box packaging and you can chose the wheel you want, of course a little extra payment is required to exercise this option.

How to Buy Fimo in India?

Now again for US citizens and all, its a cake walk to just browse through Amazon or Ebay and get brilliant varieties of fimo at huge discounts. But I have not seen fimos that cheap being sold in India even online. I got a pack from Beauty Centre in Mumbai. But for people outside Mumbai, I am not sure.You may find a couple of highly priced wheels (I guess they are Konads) on some online shopping stores. But trust me, after you know how much their actual cost is at other places, you would not want throwing that much money on it. The difference I guess is 5 times.

So, you can browse through few online shopping portals which are located in China or HongKong (which is the hub cheapest nail art supplies) and check for free shipping. You should definitely try out BornPrettyStore. They do worldwide free shipping and have some amazing low priced collection. Check out there collection here. I got mine on my visit to Thailand but a lot of blogger friends of mine always get their supplies from here. Ohh! and not to forget, you could get a 10% discount by using coupon code HQBQ10.

Please feel free to let me know any question or thoughts on this. Also, you could request a similar post on any nail art tool/accessory that I may have overlooked.


  1. Anuja says:

    Which Beauty Centre in Mumbai ? Can you tell me.. I’m from Mumbai and I’m looking for them for a long time 🙂

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Hi Anuja,
      We have new beauty centre and beauty centre in Mumbai (ghatkopar, bandra, kandivali, fort…not sure if there are any more). Where do you stay in Mumbai? Currently I get all local nail art supplies from Beauty Centre (but few stuffs are not available or over priced) and for all other stuff I prefer because of the choices they offer. Use discount code HQBQ10 to avail additional 10% off on your purchases. 🙂

      Let me know if need more info .

  2. Udita says:

    you said you bought a packet from Beauty Centre.. like you got the packet of canes or the sliced ones?
    if you got the packet of canes then how much are they priced around?

  3. Setu Rohini says:

    Bhumi, u can go to bandra beauty centre…google new beauty centre.. Call Dem before going. U can also go to ghatkoper beauty centre…i think they hav wider choices.
    Or u can find in online store in India
    Or bornprettystore from Hong Kong, dey hav free shipping n u can use my discount code to get 10% off. HQBQ10.

  4. Chaitali Das says:

    I am going to Hong Kong this November. I am new to nail art and want to know which shops to hit for supplies? I plan to buy fimo sticks, nail art design templates and other items. Also I like to know if I remove a fimo stick nail art from the nails undamaged, can it be used again?

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