The Blue and Silver Swirls Nail Art

Hi Girls, the nail art I am about to share today was actually not done with the purpose of getting a nail art done but to kill the 5 minutes time I had till my face pack dried 😛 . I had applied the base blue color for a wedding previous day for which I wore a blue saree. Yes, I committed the crime no nail art lover would commit;  I let one single color rule my nails :(. I could not do any nail art as I was already running late draping the never ending saree  🙁 🙁

The Blue and Silver Swirls Nail Art

So the next day before sleeping, I decided to steal the undivided attention the blue nails had been enjoying with some nail art. All I had on my bed was a silver nail art pen which had fallen off from my nail art basket :P. And me being me, I was too lazy to get hold of anything else for doing nail art :D. I literally did not want to move an inch. I was prepared that the nail art could be disaster as I had only like 3 minutes spare and one silver nail art pen. But, it was not half as bad :D.

The Blue and Silver Swirls Nail Art

I am very influenced by swirls these days and although I recently did a swirl to depict blaring sun in Sun, Sea and Beach Nail Art , I was not content. So decided another shot at it 😀

Items Needed

  • Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Blue Nail Paint
  • Silver Nail Art Pen (Can be substituted with a free hand by fine brush)

The Blue and Silver Swirls Nail Art


  1. Actually, there is not much of a nail art tutorial one can write for this. But here it goes, to begin with clean and file your nails. Apply the base coat. It is important or the bright blue color (or any dark and heavy pigmented) color will stain your nails.
  2. Apply the blue nail paint.
  3. Now, get hold of your only weapon, the silver nail art pen. Press it/squeeze it in a regulated fashion to draw out patterns shown in the nail art.
  4. Put a top coat.

The Blue and Silver Swirls Nail Art

Well, wasn’t it very easy ? I bet it was and all I took was 3 minutes (may 5 min not more) to do both hands :). I hope you guys liked this lazy and quick nail art. Do drop in your thoughts here.


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