The Simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

Hi Friends, you remember my Plaid Nail Art I which I was embarrased about :(. Everytime I would look at them, I would want to turn to some other page on my blog :(. So I decided to do the damage control by re-creating a plaid nail art. Or I may say a touch of plaid nail art, but who cares if its a touch of plaid or a total plaid or a hint of plaid as long as it makes me feel better :). So after the not so good The  Plaid Nail Art I, I laid my hands on this one. I hope this is better. Well, this challenge is making me do things I would have never otherwise, so its constructive :).


The simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

I did this nail the very next morning I submitted the not so good Plaid Nail Art, but what took time is writing this post :(. Anyways, this nail art is simple yet pretty and girly.This nail art is not something out of the world but it sweet and sober. You can definitely wear them to work. If you find it too feminine, get a smarter look by using gray for the base color and black for striping. For me, you would see me doing less of plaids because I do not think its my cup of tea. But you never know, there are so many nail arts that I thought were unfriendly but turned out to be greatest friends once I tried them like the Fish tail Braid Nail Art. Didn’t I say, the challenge is making me explore so many things. There are some days when I question my self and my abilities :(. While there are other days when I amaze myself :). I am enjoying this phase, its like putting myself to some pressure test or reality check. I come back from office everyday at like 8 in the night. I freshen up, check on what the maid is up to cooking and jump on to the nail art challenge theme. By the time I explore ideas and I do half the nail art, I am hungry :(. Then either my husband feeds me while I do the nail art or I wait to finish the nail art. After I have dinner,I am sleepy yet I write tutorial, edit it and post it. After which I submit my entry :(. Pheww!!! that’s a hell lot of commitment. But its like churning and sometimes miraculous results justify all of these. And what is more satisfying is reading through comments and counting your ‘Likes’. Each one of them mean so much 🙂

The Girly Plaid Nail Art

Well, I much of a talker and story teller so lets get back to the tutorail.

Items Used

  1. ColorBar Mauve Color Nail Paint
  2. Blue Nail Art pen
  3. Dotting tool for the pink dot and white dot
  4. Pink and white acrylic paint for creating dots


  • Clean , cut and file your nails. Apply the base coat and let it dry.
  • Polish your nails with the mauve color and let it dry.
  • Using the striping brush in the nail art pen, draw lines crossing each other the nail art.
  • Get some pink color on the dotting tool/toothpick and place small dots on the place where both lines cross each other.
  • Get some white color on the dotting tool/toothpick and place smaller dots on the pink dots. It would give a bit of fancy look to the nail art. If you have a rhinestone, go ahead and use it. They will definitely fab up your nail art.
  • Finish it with the top coat to add shine and life to your nail art.

The Simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

This nail art took under 5 minutes to complete. And I was happy to do something like plaid without being horrible at it. I hope this version of the Plaid Nail Art was more enjoyable than the last one. Let me know how did I fare in this one  🙂

The Simple Girly Plaid Nail Art