The Leopard Print Nail Art with an Oomph!

Hi All, the theme for the nail art yesterday was Animal Print. Now I have already sent the ‘Easy at Home- Zebra Nail Art’ as entry. But since did not create anything I was having an itch. So I went ahead and did a nail art for animal print. I have never done a leopard print nail art but it’s sexy, trust me. I was never inclined towards them (by now you would know I am Pinky girlie girl, and I am more of flower and hearts than animal print) :P. But this is worth the try, I love it and I am sure I am going to come this way again. Colorful as I am, I created this leopard print imagine a sexy and stylish ‘she’ leopard. And that is how I justified the pink color for a leopard print to my dad :P. He was trying to relate it to the real leopard so I stopped him before he went too far 🙂

The Leopard Print Nail Art with an Oomph

So I did the bright pink dots instead of the typical white. Hey, I also got a great compliment on this. Well, I do not know if everyone will agree that this is a compliment but I sure took it in a positive way. In office, a colleague of mine came to my desk for some urgent and important work but she could just wobble a couple of words before she said “Your nail art is so attractive that I forgot what I came for?” 😀 😀 :D. I thoroughly enjoyed this :). Well, the wicked me could try to escape work using the trick of nail art 😛 😛 😛

Well, I know I make my tutorials more of storytelling but I feel connected this way. And love talking to you guys :). Anyways, back to nail art tutorial.

 Print Nail Art with an Oomph

 Print Nail Art with an Oomph

Items Used

  1. Light Yellow color Nail Paint
  2. Bright pink color acrylic paint/ nail paint
  3. Black color Acrylic Paint/ Nail Paint
  4. Toothpick /dotting tool for dot (you could use a brush instead as the dots need not be very neat and round)
  5. Nail art or any fine brush to paint the black leopard print

 Print Nail Art with an Oomph


  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Do the base coat and let them dry.
  2. Paint your nails yellow or any other base color that you decide.
  3. Put random, well spaced dots on upper half diagonal nail. You are going to surround them with rough black semicircles. So understand the importance of spacing (I miscalculated it, so it did not turn well at places).
  4. Now, dip your fine brush in black acrylic paint or nail paint and start giving boundaries to the dots in form of semi circles or ‘C’. This can be rough so do not worry for perfection.
  5. After you are done with making the leopard print, do the top coat.

 Print Nail Art with an Oomph

And you have the leopard print ready, you can do this on entire nails or some part of nail. I hope you liked this nail art and will enjoy even more when you do it for yourself. Let me know how you feel about it, am I overtly excited or this nail art is actually “Attractive”??


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