Easy at Home Nail Art 17 – The Marble Nail Art without Water

Hi girls, the theme for today’s challenge is Water Marble Nail Art .But for those of you who have known me by now, can bet that I can just not waste paint. I simply can’t, my heart pains to see every drop slipping by :(. I tried doing the water marble nail art but as soon as I tried for one finger, I started feeling weak, like it was not nail paint dripping off and getting wasted but blood dripping off my body πŸ™ πŸ™

So I tried finding a substitute to the water marble nail art. This gives similar effects as water marble nail art. Since, I have done this the very first time, the results are not very impressive. But they are not bad either :). I bet, I would come back with a better marble effect nail art than this. There are techniques that one can only learn after doing and not by reading piles of paper.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

The tutorial isn’t worth explaining so here are pictures showing how I did the easy nail art. It took less than five minutes so its definitely doable. It has no hard and fast rules and moves so ideal for a beginner to practice hands on πŸ˜›

Following are the series of pictures to explain it as simply as I could.

Step 1 : Chose a base color and apply it. Allow it to dry.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

Step 2 :Β Pick up another contrast color and make random dots.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

Step 3 –Β  While the drops are still wet, you have to use a toothpick or a pointed thing to just spread the color in random fashion.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

Step 4 : This is an optional step where you can either do a transparent top coat or throw in a bit of glitter for the nail art to bling πŸ™‚

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

I hope you enjoyed the very easy nail art tutorial. Although this gives effect near to marbling , doesn’t waste half of the paint also :). Depending on one’s comfort you could use differentΒ  colors for the dots and hence a colorful nail art. Let me know if this nail art appealed to your creativity.


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