A Glimpse of Yellow Suede Nail Art

Hi, its the third day of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge and the theme is Yellow. Well after doing much of yellow orange yesterday, I literally am in no mood for more yellow so I thought of giving a sneak peek of yellow rather than the whole show dominated by it :). Also, the Fruity Orange Nail Art was the first fruit nail art, so I did not want to wipe it out ruthlessly today.And I just remembered a niceΒ  nail art I did for my friend Priyanka who visited my place this weekend. We had planned on meeting somewhere between our house but the poor thing ended up coming to my place as I was not keeping well. It was like a 2 hour journey and its very sweet of her to take so much paint to meet me without nagging :P. Also, she got a lovely gift for me πŸ™‚ Muaahhh!!! .

A glimpse of yellow suede nail art

Anyways back to nail art, as mentioned and confessed earlier this nail art challenge is making me use all the unused nail art stuff that I love but have been piling up for months.At the same time I am meeting so many fantastic nail art bloggers, all super talented. So, similar is the story of my 12 color flocking powder set, never used even after 2 months of purchase :(.Priyanka fell in love with them the moment she saw them so here I am doing my first flocking powder nail art for Pinku πŸ™‚

Items Used

  • Wine Color Nail Paint
  • Yellow Color Nail Paint
  • Yellow color Flocking Powder
  • Dotting Tool/Toothpick
  • Top Coat/Base Coat
  • Nail Glue

A glimpse of yellow suede nail art

How to get a sneak peek of Yellow Suede

  1. Clean, Cut and File your nails. Do the base coat and let it dry.
  2. Apply the wine colored nail paint over all the nails except the ring finger.
  3. Color the ring finger with Yellow nail paint. Yes, we are anyways going to cover it with flocking powder so why waste nail paint? This is so that the base is yellow and hides any uneven application of yellow suede. Also in case the flocking powder is off your nails it will not be very evident by getting camouflaged by the yellow color base color.
  4. Now, pick up yellow color on your dotting tool and create dots a diagonal line. These dots should be bigger than the line of dots running either side of them.
  5. From the finer side of the tooth pick or dotting tool, pick up some wine color and make fine dots on the bigger yellow dots in the diagonal line.
  6. Proceeding to get the flocking powder on the ring finger. You could use a nail glue is you wish the flocking powder to stay longer or a wet nail paint will do. Now whatever you have decided, apply the flocking powder on the glue brushed nail or on the wet nail paint base nail.I simply used my fingers to get them on nails and then dabbed them hard so that they stick to the glue/wet nail paint.
  7. Do a top coat for all except the middle nail with flocking powder.

A glimpse of yellow suede nail art

And you are done :). It was not very difficult and the best part is Priyanka was really happy with the nail art and that’s all I wanted at the end. I hope you guys equally like it and enjoy it. Pour inΒ  questions or comments , both are appreciated πŸ™‚

Addional Info : If you donot have flocking powder or nay other nail art tool, do not worry. Just skip the flocking powder part, just let the ring fingers be painted in yellow. They would still look amamzing. OrΒ you could just the reverse design and colors onΒ the ring finger (swap the colors used).

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    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Thanks Swarnali. Where do u stay? Mumbai?
      I got the nail glue from The Beauty Center Mumbai and Flocking powder from Thailand.
      BUt dont worry there are other sources to procure them as well. Try online cosmetics store for nail glue, I think they are nothing but adhesive to stick artificial nail. They are good to stick fimo & rhinestones and stay for long. You can try flipkart.com and other online stores. Look for nail glue, I think Konad has one.

      About the flocking powder, I am not sure if available online in India. But see buyincoins.com, they deliver to india and shipping is free. They have loads of nail art stuff which are much cheaper than what we find in india. I have ordered from there a couple of times. Let me know if u need help with that.

  1. Priyanka says:

    yeah those are my nails…..:) πŸ™‚ ….still hard to believe my nail could look so nice…..thank so much…muahhhhhhhhh..:D

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Swarnali…my name is setu not Heena πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
      For buyincoins u need make to a paypal account online..its easy and simple…no money charged…..paypal is a safer way of making payments πŸ™‚
      Just google paypal, go to their home page and register ur credit card and email address

  2. Swarnali B says:

    oops ooops!!!!!! I am soo sorrry! πŸ™ I had just woken up and i guess my brain was not functioning properly! πŸ˜› yeah i will check paypal out.. u can also check out tinydeal.com they got such nice stuff at very low prices too πŸ™‚

  3. Swarnali B says:

    they accept paypal i think.. no i havn bought anythng from there since i dont have a paypal a/c yet.. but the things they have look so tempting especially the eyemakeup stuff πŸ˜› i think they also have nice nail art brushes and glitters

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