Easy at Home Nail Art 12 – Snowcapped in Gold

Do you know a little trick I use to jazz up my nails? I throw in some golden and it never fails :P. Refer my Royal Red nail art which was very easy and simple yet gave no compromise sexy look :P. For this nail art I literally took my words seriously and threw in some golden rather than perfectly polishing golden. But who cares about working hard even when your rough work is equally admired?? I sent the pictures of my nail art to Niesha and she liked it :D. All the compliments give us joy but a compliment for an easy work which you just did during a lazy experiment brings sheer pleasure. And I thank Niesha for that. It motivates me to be lazy which I am at my best :P. Anyways, this nail art is also important because I learnt two lessons out of it which I will share at the end. I did this as a Guest Post for her blog, so click here to read the complete tutorial.

Snow capped in Gold Nail Art


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