Easy at Home Nail Art 10 – Chained in Pink

Hi Friends, for more than a month now, I have been maintaining a ‘long time no see’ relation with Pink. How could I? Girls have a life-long crush on these colors but it just slipped out my normal nail art routine. The title to the nail art holds so true in every possible sense, depicting a girl’s loyalty towards pink 😀

Anyways, I happened to visit my sister’s place and found a lovely pink color nail paint. I had to do something with it but I didn’t have any nail art tools. Although I want to carry them around with me since they are my priciest possession (not monetary but high emotional value), I can’t carry them to pretend being normal. So I was back to where I what I had started with, no nail art tools :(. Read the tutorial to know what came as bail out (It’s not a suspense though).

Chained In Pink Nail Art

Chained In Pink Nail Art

Items Needed:

  • Pretty Pink color
  • White Nail paint/ White Acrylic Paint
  • Tooth pick ( I know you had guessed it)
  • Base Coat
  • Glitter Top Coat

Chained In Pink Nail Art

How to Chain your nails in Pink

  1. Repeat the same old story of cutting filing and cleaning your nails. Do the top coat and allow it to dry.
  2. Now, paint half of your nail with pink. I did this free hand, however you may use a cello tape. Read my tutorial Chevron is On to see correct way to use cello tape/scotch tape.
  3. Outline the border of pink and nude nails with white polka dots using blunt side of toothpick. Read Retro with Polka Dots nail art to see how to use dotting tool/toothpick to create dots. The dots will be placed closely next to each other.
  4. After you have done laying the boundary wall between the pink and the nude neighbors, pick up the toothpick with the pointed side up. It’s time to give the chained look effect. Dip the pointed side into white nail paint/acrylic paint and place dots at the centre of the pink dot.
  5. Repeat this for all your nails and finish with the glitter top coat if you want to remain chained to the pink for long :). The glitter top coat will add bling to your nail art and hide flaws if any. It gives a fancier look.

Chained In Pink Both Hands

Additional Info:

  • You could reverse the nail art for your ring finger or middle finger to give a complicated look. That is color the diagonal with white instead of pink, make boundary with pink and small dots on pink boundary with white. Simply put, just swap the colors.
  • You could also reverse halves of nail colored. Instead of coloring the top end pink, you could try coloring the lower half pink and leave top end nude.
  • If you feel your pink is already jazzy & glossy or you want to keep a low profile, just use glitter top coat for the nude part. It will give a simpler look to your nail art. But cover the pink part with transparent top coat without fail.

I hope I have chained my reader’s sufficiently in pink with this tutorial :P. Do share your thoughts and feedbacks about this nail art.


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