How did I combat Heavy Hair Fall with Simple Measures? My Success Story

A few months back I was at my all time low. To begin with I was suffering from bad hair fall and terrible white heads on my face which made me hate my skin every time I touched it. There were other hidden pain areas as well. But they were latent and I never realized them till I dug deep into them.

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My Hair Loss Story: I can’t tell you how much pleasure it is today to write about this in past tense. To begin with, there was hair loss each time I brushed my hair, each time I oiled my hair, each time I washed my hair, in short I was like losing a hair with every breath I took :(.This continued for more than a year after my marriage. I got crazy trying out various options. I never had hair fall problem, in fact me and my sister are blessed with such great hair that we never needed to use conditioner even to ensure a shampoo like shine every day. I only started using conditioner at the age of 23 maybe and that also on special occasions. I do not remember when these occasions became my daily life and I started using conditioner with every wash (I wash hair twice a week). I never paid attention to hair packs or serums because they would be the last thing on my mind. I would just skip over pages stating hair care or hair packs because my tresses were good on their own.

But the last couple of years will be written in dark letters in the history of my hair. I literally tried all the shampoos and conditioner that were possibly launched in the ‘Hair fall rescue’ category. Each one failed me in their own sweet way.

When my hair got utterly disobedient and stopped responding to the extent of bringing tears to my eyes, I started finding out ways to tame the bad boy.  I started reading about hair care, the to-do and not-to-do list for hair, food that is good for hair, reasons leading to hair fall, how to prevent hair fall etc. I can conveniently sum up by saying that I read almost everything that came in the search result of ‘hair fall’ in our friend, philosopher and guide- ‘Google’. I was like in a ‘get-set-go’ mood to eradicate the hair fall from roots. So I was doing a basic study about what a shampoo does, what a conditioner does, why do we oil our hair and so on. During this period, I looked at the back side of my hair products to study the ingredient list for the first time maybe. I even googled about few ingredients. I then came across this ‘SLS’ which is an essential basic ingredient in almost all the shampoos and conditioners sold today. Not only shampoo, conditioner, but soap, hand wash, toothpaste, face wash and what not. I dug up so deep that I ended up writing up an article on it which I would recommend as a must read for everyone to go through even if you don’t have hair fall problem (Read here).

After all the huge bank of information I collected I decided one thing:

I would not depend on the ruthless money making companies or brands to provide me solution of my hair fall. I had thrown away enough money trusting them. Now I am going to trust me and my instincts. I am going to believe the knowledge more than the commercials.

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So here is my success story and what I did:

  • I shunned using conditioners. Really? I got thinking, since when did conditioners start making hair healthy or make them grow or protect our hair? They are just an option to add shine or de-tangle our hair or make hair manageable or smoothen them for the time being. But it is never a lasting solution. It’s like using a concealer to hide your dark spots but do they go? Nooo, it’s just a temporary fix which may also aggravate the situation due to the chemicals in it but never make them better.
  • I started focusing on long term health of my hair and not short term fixes. The short term measures will be easy but I pledged not to be tempted.
  • I tried avoiding chemicals like SLS and its cousin. I planned switching to herbal products rather than chemically loaded stuff. We use more chemicals on our body in daily life than one would find in a chemistry lab. Yes, it’s not possible to run away from chemicals totally but at least we can avoid them. We could replace them with healthier and purer substitutes for lesser cost. I came across Patanjali products accidently right when had a huge appetite for herbal products. To add it, I also discovered Patanjali store 5 minutes from my house open till 10:30pm. And the rest isn’t difficult to guess. I bought Patanjali Pure coconut oil (read review here), Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser (read review here), Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and much more.
  • I laid my hands on various homemade hair packs and oils. I would share the recipes in my coming post with all the lovely readers.

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The Results: My hair fall reduced by 70% or more. Even my maid said that now she finds lesser hair on floors while booming or in bathroom while cleaning:D. I have been successfully able to shun conditioners without compromising the quality of my hair. I switched to deep condition instead. I used few simple tricks with oils and other ingredients and I am proud of the way my hair accepted them with open arms. I will share this in my coming posts. In the initial days my hair missed it but within few washes my hair settled. I started with washing it every alternate day to make hair manageable but then resumed back to my normal twice a week as my hair got used to the no-conditioner oath of mine :P.

Personally, it gave a huge boost to my confidence. And I am never looking back to those chemicals available in the market with the fake face of anti dandruff, anti breakage, anti hair fall, anti split ends, anti gray hair etc.

I am not at rest,there may be other issues and problems and challenges waiting round the corner. Like I never had hair fall issues but it still rocked my world for 2 years; so what’s next Dandruff? Gray Hair? Hair thinning? Lice (Yukk!)?. Whatever it is, I am going to take control and solve it, rather than believing the ‘too good to be true advertisements’; I am going to believe in ME. I am quite sure that this is not the end; I guess this is the beginning. The beginning of being aware and making informed choices rather than a flashy poster or TV jingle making choices for us.

PS : I dug deep into my skin care regime as well and voila, I was able to get rid of white heads which was my shadow for more than 12 years. These white heads had not left my side for a day also. Even after getting a facial or exfoliation done. I could feel them coming back in 10-12 hours. I will share the success story for this as well in the coming posts. Till then all the best with your battle to skin and hair problems, the aware way. 🙂

Do you have a success  story of victory over some skin, hair or nail problem? Do write about it.

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  1. Tahsin says:

    Dear Setu, y’r article on ‘fighting back hair-fall’ is inspiring indeed. I was Surfing for, ‘Jojoba’ products for my Better-half; n ended up on yr story.
    It wd b Utterly most gracious if U cd shine a lil light on my search 🙂
    At d moment She’s lookin for Jojoba oil, or any item containing Jojoba for Hair fall treatment, n Healthy Growth of the same.
    Taken up much of yr time. Apologies, n Thanx in advance.
    B. Rgds

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Hi Tahsin,
      Thanks for your kind words. Jojoba oil is a miracle oil and it helps both skin and hair greatly. I was planning to post an article soon on essentail oils and carrier oils. The composition of this oil is the closest to our skins and hairs natural oil ‘sebum’. So it is rarely known to cause any irritaion or heaviness.So Jojoba is the safest.
      But it is important to know what is the manufacturing process of this. Chemically extracted oils loose their goodness midway. A cold compressed oil retains its nutrients.Pls see for this before buying.Jojoba oil is a trusted name in aromatherapy. It is a carrier oil which can be mixed with essential oils to enhance the properties. Let me know if you need more help. I will posting on oils and jojoba in the days to come. You could follow my blog so that you know when this is aired:)

  2. ReNu says:

    I’m allergic to SLS! It peels off my skin (Facewashes and shampoos) so I ended up with cheeks whose top layer had been torn off. Now I’m strictly off SLS. Sometimes I use a clarifying shampoo with ALS if I’ve really got product build-up. If not, it’s always sulphate-free for me x
    My Beauty Junction

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Sorry for the late reply dear. Its sad to know that you are allergic to this extent. Keep looking for a SLS free substitute. I will be doing a Post on SLS free shampoos in India, it may interest you 🙂

  3. A Culinary Affair says:

    As I was going through your hair -loss story, it was clearly my own. Thank you so much for the article. I really needed this to stop believing in those all consuming commercial products with their eye-catching advts. I love this article so much. I am going to do what you did. Thank you once more 😀

    • luv4beautyandnailart says:

      Hey dear, I am glad you found this useful. I will be happier the day you are able to get rid of hairfall. Let me know if you need any help on this, I did a lot of experiments before I reached here. You could try other SLS free subsitutes. And oil your hair (pref hot) since your hair will need it more after you shun conditioner. 🙂

  4. Swarnali B says:

    i was having similar problems u know.. and hairfall is such a distressing thng.. i came across this herbal restructuring hairoil.. i thought i’ll give it a try.. and o my god it gave good results from the 1st day itself.. have just used it twice and very very happy with it 🙂

  5. priya says:

    I used to have very long and dense hair. But around 5 years ago , I got ill with typhoid. Ever Since my hair started falling. I tried all types of treatment aleopathic , homeopathic but all are of no use .
    Please advice me

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Setu, nice to read success! From a guy’s perspective, I’ve been trying a routine now for 5 months and it’s been working amazing. I have been trying for so long to deal with my hair loss I almost gave up many times. I used Propecia for years but honestly, the stuff was slowly sucking the life out of me. I used the combination of products explained on a web site I found and have had results so impressive I still am getting used to feeling extra hair when I run my hands through it. I’ve been using a combination of cheap generic minoxidil, trichogen and a few supplements as explained on the site and it’s so much cheaper and so much better than crap I did before. It’s not one product or rip off or promotion, just a combination of different products you can purchase where you like. The web site that explains it is called if any wants to try this. It worked for me and I couldn’t be happier.

  7. Jaya says:

    Hi, I have severe hair loss for nearly 5 years and I don’t know what to do.. your article has given me a lot of hope.. please help me.. I am very depressed about it 🙁 ..

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