Color Me Bad, But Polish Me Correct – The Art of Polishing your Nails Perfectly

In the world of beauty everything is an art. Be it application of kajal, foundation, lipstick, hair styling, dressing up or painting nails. As much it is important to do correct things, so is to do things correctly. No shortcuts here. Now the only choices we have is to work hard and smart.

We all have been tempted at some or the other time to skip the manicure routine or leave your nails bare for a day ritual or nourish your nails in between change of polish rule and just hopped onto an irresistible polish to add glam quotient to our hands. Although this is a violation of the Nail Care Law (I wish there actually was one and it could punish all the hard chemicals, detergents for adding misery to our nails, all the hard surfaces to which our nails bump and succumb to breakage :P); we have been convicted of it at some point of time. I have yet attempted to make a nail care law do’s and don’t for your nails in my earlier posts.

Now since the after effects of nail paint application is so glorifying, it is important that we begin correctly so that it ends up correctly. 🙂

Color Me Bad, But polish me Correct

Road map to the Perfect Polishing –Step by Step

  • Always get rid off all traces of last polish using nail polish remover. Even if the nails were not polished previously, this will help to get rid of oiliness or grease on your nails. Oils/grease does not allow your favorite nail polish to stick to your nail – How Rude! 👿 
  • Save your nails with a base coat. It not only prevents color stains on your nails but also allows nail polish to spread easily and evenly. Use a good quality base coat. If I may suggest, it should be of a better quality than your nail paint.
  • Only after your base coat is dry, proceed to color your nails.
  • Do not shake the bottle as it will result in formation of bubbles in the nail paint capable of being transferred to your nails. Gently roll the nail paint bottle between your palms to mix the color and warm them.
  •  Now, open the nail paint bottle and pull out the brush with the brilliant nail color on it. Wipe the ends of the brush from both sides on the inner rim of the bottle so that the brush has just enough polish.
  • This is the critical part and there are primarily two ways to play this game (many more actually but two are commonest and gives best result to me).

Method 1:  Touch the brush to the middle of your cuticle and pull it to the end of the nail tip coloring the middle streak of your nails. Similarly, touch the brush (with enough paint on it) on the left and pull it to the tip covering the left strip. Do this for the right side as well. Repeat this for all your nails.

Color Me Bad, But polish me Correct  - Application Technique


Method 2: The image is self explanatory.

Color Me Bad, But polish me Correct : Application Technique

Both the above method lead to perfectly polished nails, the difference only is what we are comfortable with. I personally practice the first method, otherwise I always miscalculate the quantity of nail paint blob I drop on nails for the second method. However, there are people who swear by the second method. At the end it’s a matter of choice and comfort.

  • Only after the first coat dries, touch the bottle again to give a second coat. Now, it is better to apply two thin coats rather than applying one thick coat. Thick coats peel off faster.
  • Seal it with a top coat after the paint dries off completely. There is no use of drooling over a cool color if you can’t have it long enough on your nails. So, ladies ‘Top Coat’ is a norm.

I hope this would be helpful to all the lovely readers to fine tune their polishing habit. Do leave a comment if you feel this helped you.

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