Maybelline Baby Lip (Rose Addict) – Review

It seems like the Maybelline brand is undergoing a revamp and unveiling fabulous products every day. Or it may be that I developed a little crush on this brand that I can see it all around :). Remember girls when back in India the only (as far as I know) brand which started selling these matte rainbow nail paints – red, blue, black, orange, yellow; in short all the nail paints to which your mom and grand mom would say “Yikkes” were sold by Maybelline :P. I have almost all colors of Maybelline nail paints (Yes, I am flaunting: P)

Anyways, due to long trusted relationship with Maybelline I decide to give this newly launched lip balm a try. This was a well advertised product and you cannot possibly help but notice it. So after seeing it stocked in display at a local shop just in front of my house for a month, I fell for the bait and made my way to the shop finally buying it.

Maybelline Baby Lip

Product Claims: See Image

Usage Instruction: See Image

What it contains: See Image

Maybelline Baby Lip Cover

Price: Rs 150

Quantity: 4 gms

My Experience with PRODUCT

For the price it comes for its easy to get someone to try this yet not expect much. I peeled off the lip balm from the cover with same feelings in my mind. I was curious to check the color so I first ran it to my fingers. The pigmentation and the fragrance were very mild which was up to my liking. I used it the next day at work and it was good till 4 hours approx. The battle of the lip balm with 2 two bottles of water & one tea during these 4 hours for its existence ended up in a victory:D . It was not all fresh but by lips were sufficiently hydrated. I reapplied it only after lunch.

But it is not like other lip balms which give kind of glossy feeling. It gives a healthy hydrated lip look with a little hue of the pink color. Overall the lips look healthy and natural. It is not heavy and waxy on lips. But I would suggest gliding it on a couple of times on your lips to get desired look. Just once is not enough to love it. The first day I wore it, it didn’t actually make me happy. I felt it was very ordinary and predictable. But the next day when I applied it firmly for a couple of times, I found it to be better. Let me tell you the pigment or color it gives to your lips is very natural and not in a patchy way.

Maybelline Baby Lip swatch


  • Inexpensive
  • Easily Available
  • Available in 7 variants giving ample choice
  • Very cute packaging
  • Light on lips
  • Doesn’t give greasy or waxy feeling to lips
  • Hydrates lips to some extent
  • Provides a well calculated  tint of color to lips making it look natural
  • Stays for approx 4 hours
  • Has SPF 16
  • Doesn’t give you a feeling like a layer has been put to your lips, your lips can still breathe
  • Doesn’t have strong fragrance or taste, resisting the urge to eat it 😛


  • Doesn’t come very well in just one glide
  • Could be more hydrating and richer
  • I wish it was little more thicker

Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. But maybe I will try other shades.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes. It is excellent product at this price.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Availability: All beauty shops, medical stores, malls, online shopping etc.

Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lip?


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